Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Hair We Release Again!

Once upon a time...

Yes, friends, that is right - the newest edition of the Bookania Quests has hit Amazon by storm. Was this post supposed to be up yesterday? Yes, yes it was. But I also wasn't supposed to WORK yesterday, but they apparently had a couple people quit the other week, and they scheduled me for a fourth day without asking first. It was a nasty mid-day shift, too, which meant that I didn't have time to do everything I wanted to in the morning OR when I got home that night.

Anywho. The Molly Storm post will follow this one up shortly, but I'm posting this one first, because it IS my book, and I wanna talk about my book. (Because I really love it.)

So, five reasons you need to read it, pronto and immediately:

1. Because Maryanne is adorable. Like, seriously. Barely a year old and she's already my favorite character. I mean, I've talked about her before and she was in Honor: A Quest In, but now you guys can ACTUALLY READ ABOUT HER. Because she's a doll, and a streak of trouble, and I'm sorry Robin and Eric, but this was exactly the child that the two of you deserved. 

2. See if you can spot the fairy tale references. I mean, Rapunzel's the big, obvious one, but another one has a bit to play and Solomon brings up a few others. Suuuch fun to finally work some of those in.

3. It's not a high-stakes adventure. Look, much as I love a good baddie, the truth of the matter is that my writing is at its best when I'm dealing with broken people finding healing, and that's what this book is. 

4. Because Jackalopes are awesome and they need to be featured in more fiction.

5. BECAUSE FAMILY. Faaaaamily. Family. 

Oh, and if you're a stubborn soul who wants to start the series at the beginning, book one is PERMAFREE. So go pick it up if you never have before.


  1. I like that you pointed out #3. I like that about the book, but I didn't realize it until now.

  2. Let the Party begin! *Pompoms*

    I hear you about "broken people finding healing," rather than defeating the baddie and saving the world al the time. High-stakes adventure is great in its place, but to me, what makes a story the most interesting and relatable, and shows the characters' true strength, is when they learn to work through problems together. Bravo!


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