Saturday, January 12, 2013

Story Saturday - ROCKS

For those of ya'll who don't know (which is probably most of you) I have a Figment account:

I don't do much with it, having formed it mostly so that I could comment on a friend's story. I did, however, write a few short stories so that my page didn't look empty when people visited. (Almost all of which were for some small contests - one of which won third place)

My mom, however, says that I need to share the stories that I wrote on my blog as well ...

So I've decided to do ROCKS first.

ROCKS belongs within part one of HaV Achademy, and is a glimpse into the world. According to Figment, it takes about four minutes to read. Enjoy!



ROCKS walks through one of the passages in her vast underground fortress. Her latest schemes and plans run though her head. Tonight is the night. Tonight everything is perfect. At last she will show that sniveling Plant Master that he was no master at all. She pauses before her mirror to make sure that her appearance is flawless.

Good. Her black jumpsuit is perfectly smooth, although, of course, since it is made of solid metal, it would be hard for it to wrinkle. Her metal mask covers her face completely, revealing only her  nose, mouth, chin, and stone gray eyes. Her black curls tumble down her back perfectly. Even her nails are perfect, as she had covered them with the same metal that she made her jumpsuit out of, and the stuff was unchipable. Her feet are shod with shoes also made of this substance.

A malicious grin curls her mouth upward. Tonight is the night.

She touches the stone wall, and it opens into a tunnel before her. Without even pausing to suck in a deep breath, she steps into the tunnel. After walking a good ways, she finds herself at the end of the tunnel. She then claps her hands, and the stone slab beneath her begins to rise, like an elevator, and the ground above parts to allow her dramatic exit.

She emerges in the center of the town. Immediately voices begin screaming. ROCKS' eyes are trained for only one subject at this moment, however. She soon lands on the face of a young woman who stares back at her, frozen in fear. With a snap of ROCKS' fingers, a stone column shoots out of the slab on which ROCKS stands, and wraps itself around the woman's waist, then starts pulling her towards ROCKS against the woman's will.

"So," said ROCKS, "we meet again, Willow."

"Stop ROCKS!" cries another voice.

Calmly, ROCKS turns to see the Plant Master standing there. A smirk curls her lip, as she fights down rage at the sight of the hero's green jumpsuit and cape, at his ridiculous mask that barely covered his eyes. He has no dignity to him. However, such is typical of the heroes. It is the villains who get the elegance. "So, Plant Master," she says, in a voice calmer than she truly is, "you think you can stop me? Think again."

By now, the woman called Willow is standing with her on the slab of rock. ROCKS claps her hands, and the slab of rock beneath her begins to lower again. The ground closes over them just as a vine tried to grab at them. "Sorry," she then says, in a mocking whisper, "too late," although she knows he cannot hear.

She leads her prisoner to her dungeon, and deposits her there, then returns to her room.


I remove my mask and close my eyes, as the villainy in me is once more buried. I hate that I am a villain, and that it is my brother against whom I must fight. I sigh. But there is nothing I can do about it. One cannot rebel against the HaV Academy and their schemes.

I take a deep breath and go to the garden that my brother has placed within my lair. When our masks are off, we are completely civil to each other. Indeed, as far as anyone knows, we never fight ...

But that's because we have to fight when our masks are on.

Quietly I pick sufficient food for Willow, then head to the dungeon and place the food through the wall. I do not allow her to see my face.

Then I head back to my room and change completely into normal civilian clothing. I then make my way through the tunnel that leads to the small home that my brother and I share. By now he, too is back into his normal clothing.

"I wish we didn't have to do these sort of things," I tell my brother.

"I know," he replies. "I know."

We both enjoy our powers, mine over the inorganic, his over the organic. But we hate that we have to fight each other, that we cannot stand the sight of each other in our masks. We hate that I must be a villain.

But there is nothing for it. We must live our lives like this until we have been replaced, and, at this moment, replacement is a long ways away.


  1. Wow!!!! This story really grabbed me! I'm dying to know more! What a fascinating idea - to have people forced to be heroes or villains - whether they want to or not.

    Now I'm going to go back through your blog and read all the posts tagged HaV Academy!

  2. Very interesting, it has promise for a whole book if you ever choose to do so. I like the basic idea a lot.

    I am glad you liked the snippet from The Broken Blade. I am having fun writing that book a lot *Grin*


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