Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Writing Update January .5

Hola and Guten Tag!

Since we're about half-way through January, I'm here to talk about how I'm coming in the writing department. This month's projects are (according to my calender) The Ankulen, CinderEddy, Do You Take This Quest? and book 3.

So ... how are they coming?

The Ankulen: After piddling around trying to find time to type it out on a computer, I've decided to write draft two out by hand in notebooks. Jen is supposedly writing it in a notebook anyways, so I think that, by writing it out by hand gives it an authentic feel. I'm estimating myself to be around 7,000 words out of the 50,000 (at least) I want this book to have. Based on some percentages I ran, I'm right around schedule (based on how many chapters were in draft two and how many chapters I've written so far) for getting 50,000. Draft 2 has some radical changes from draft 1 already, since I'm only following the basic arch and the chapter titles that I have renamed and put in a handy-dandy list that I taped to the wall over my desk.

The thing I find most amusing about The Ankulen is that the main character is fifteen and I wrote it when I was seventeen. The main characters of Sew, Robin and Robert, are both seventeen, and I wrote that when I was fifteen. Just an interesting bit of trivia.

CiderEddy: I've been typing this out on my new Android (that I got for Christmas - Thank-you Uncle T. and Aunt H!) and am at about 2,000 words. There's still quite a bit of story left, though, so CinderEddy may be pushing the limit on short story length. I suspect Unforgiven will do some limit pushing as well, so I'm expecting this Short Story Collection to be quite a bit longer than the last one.

Do You Take This Quest?: For this one it's been mostly sit around and twidle my thumbs while I wait for my editors to get me my chapters back, then stay up late while I apply those changes. I'm hoping to have this out on the 25th Attention Editors! This means that if you're editing for me, I'd like you to get them back as quickly as possible - please?

Book 3: I've pulled it up a few times, but haven't done anything. I may scrap this document and start over. Sigh. I had to do that with both Sew and Take. It's not that I don't know where the story is going to go ... I do ... but the beginning ... ugh! the beginning. I have two chapter 1's and neither really works (though I love both of them!).

Lastly, Tears, Frogs and Laughter will be free for the next five days, so, while I'm trying to put my brain together and get something new written, you can enjoy something that my mom and I wrote together when I was sixteen.

Auf Wiedersein!

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  1. Exciting writing news! I need to email you about the editing...aye, I will get on that later today. *Makes a mental note.*

    I thought of you the whole time I read The Wide Awake Princess.


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