Saturday, January 5, 2013

Character Encounters - January 2013

I'm so sorry this is late! Between my computer being out of commission and the hecticness of Christmas, I completely forgot about this until the second when I suddenly looked up and realized I didn't have the Encounter done! 

And since I already had posts set up for the next two days, you had to wait for today.

So, anyways, now that Christmas is over, you're ready to get back into the swing of writing, right? So this CE is just what the doctor ordered.

Never forget to ooh and ahh over Kiri Liz's lovely button.
And this month's local is ....

A Fast Food Restaurant

I don't care which one, whether Wendy's or Burger King, just pick one. However, this may not be a buffet or a dine-in. I plan to make them a post later. If you don't usually go to a fast food ... well, be creative ... maybe you were at Walmart by the built-in Fast Food place or something.

Just make sure you have fun and that you provide a link to here so that your readers may enjoy it and that you put your link into the linky below.

Oh, and as an added bonus, a joke I made up!

Q: What do you call the son of the Burger King and the Dairy Queen?
A: Prince Cheeseburger.

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  1. My link doesn't seem to want to link up... So here it is:

    I love the idea of a fast food place!


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