Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Few More Random Things

- I like talking about random things
- It means I don't have to think so hard.
- Do You Take This Quest? is fully formatted now ...
- I'm now waiting for it to show up again on my Kindle so I can read through it again.
- Oh, and I need to figure out how to convert word documents to PDF files on my Mom's computer.
- I worked on The Ankulen some this morning, too.
- The Ankulen needs severe work on its first several chapters. After that, it flows pretty well
- I mean, don't you think it's a bad thing when not even the author can get into a book?
- I like where I begin it, and what happens ...
- It just needs to flow better.
- I also read through book 3 this morning - and had to read portions aloud to my sister.
- She thought those portions very funny.
- A half-asleep Robin is a very funny thing.
- Arthur's not sure what to make of Robin, though.
- I love the closing scene for Do You Take This Quest?
- Rocks or feathers?
- I worked on the notebook version of Water Princess, Fire Prince. 
- Clara is teaching Andrew how to ask a girl to dance is a funny thing indeed.
- I can't wait until she gets to the actual teaching him to dance.
- The plot is thickening!
- I like popcorn.
- I realized that Jakob, a major character in WP,FP is flat too.
- But at least he's not a main character.
- I think I'll be able to beef him up on the computer, though.
- I can't wait to introduce Granite!
- He just might be one of my favorite male characters.
- He's a very complicated person.
- I want a sword for Christmas.
- And a pair of Fairy Wings.
- My mom is funny.
- This post needs some sort of picture.

- That'll do.
- Even though it has Sew's old cover.
- I love Robin.
- She has lots of great lines.

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