Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Interview with Jessica Grayson

What's this? I've gone and found yet another December publishing author to interview?

Aye, that I have. Dear readers, please welcome ... (insert drumroll and trumpets)

Jessica Grayson of Safirewriter!

 Her book is available on Kindle

 And as a paperback

And isn't her cover art just stunning? Personally, I'd like it for my RPS. (a work in progress that's been bugging me quite a bit of late)

This book in on my wishlist, and I'm eager to read it. Just reading the snippets that she's posted on her blog and on pinterest, I'm sure that this is a terrific young writer.

But, anyways, On to the Interview!

1.      Tell us about your book.

            Annabeth's War is the story of a girl fighting for her father, king and country as Lord Raburn attempts to take the throne. She is the only thing that stands between Lord Raburn, and his desire for power.

2.      Because of my obsession with titles, I’d like to know, why did you entitle your bookAnnabeth’s War?

            The original title of the book was By the Sword. However upon completion it changed to Annabeth's War simply because of the theme that runs through the story.

3.      From initial inspiration to publication, how long did it take you to write your book?

            21 months.

4.      I’ve heard that your genre is one that a fellow blogger has newly christened “Epic.”           Could you please explain this genre?

I'll be officially filing Annabeth's War under Historic Fantasy, but epic is probably best described as a factious land where morals are held in high, and the stakes higher.

5.      Introduce us to your favorite character. Why are they your favorite? (Yes, I know, I’m being cruel, making you pick favorites …)

            Hmm cold brutality it is then, it's difficult to pick, so difficult. I'll go with Annabeth. I love Annabeth, for her courage and strength. Give up was never part of her vocabulary.

6.      Tell us about some other projects we can expect to see from you in the near (or not so near …) future

            Captive of Raven Castle, is the story of a princess whose heart is torn between one country and the two men trying to rule it. One is her father the rightful king, the other a rebel usurper, but which is which?

7.      How old were you when you discovered the amazing art of writing books? Why did you choose to pursue it?

            I wasn't keen on writing in school. However fiction proved to be a different story all together. At age twelve I asked God for a purpose in life. During a sermon my pastor gave I felt God ask me to be His ready writer, I said yes! And I've been writing ever since.

8.      If you were ever to find yourself in the middle of a war would you survive?

            It all depends on whose side I am on. I've always been the sidekick type. So it all depends on what kind of hero I got stuck following…or if I ended up being the sidekick who ends up dying for the cause. In other words I really have no idea.

9.      Which authors do you find the most inspiring?

            Most are unpublished, however the ones that you can actually read, would be Lois Walfrid Johnson, G. A. Henty, E.D.E.N. Southworth, Louisa May Alcott, L.M. Montgomery…and a long list too long to mention here.

10.  What is your favorite writing medium and location?

            I've always loved the feel of pen and paper but actually getting production it doesn't go very far. So my laptop Bunburry, is my favorite medium, while sitting on my bed because that is the only place I can really think in peace and quiet.


  1. Very nice interview, it only made me more excited for the book!

    Kendra, that is sad your computer actually died, and rather mean of it. I hope you can come up with a solution very soon. It is hard to be an author and not have one's own computer.
    Take out, *Snicker* that amused me.
    I've an urge to glare at Robert's older sister for stealing the spot light but I shall give her a chance.

  2. Thank you so much for interviewing me and promoting Annabeth's War! I really appreciate it!


  3. Great interview, Kendra and Jessica! :D I can't wait for Captive of Raven Castle to come out... :)


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