Monday, December 3, 2012

The Frog that Would Be Prince

Miss Jack Lewis Baillot, a blogger friend of mine, is about to publish her first book, Haphazardly Implausible. And, instead of having her readers do the normal shout-out for her giveaway, she wants us to shout out other people's books. (Oh, and tell why as well, but anyways.)

Here's a Link to the Giveaway.

This can be any book (as long as it's been recently published) and you can even do multiple books for multiple entries. (but you'll have to do them up in separate blog entries).

The first book that came to my mind when she posted this challenge was The Frog Who Would Be Prince.

Those who know me know that, though I love good fantasy in general, there are two types in particular that I love more than any other: Good Christian Allegory and a Good Fairy Tale Retelling.

So when I saw a book with the title The Frog Who Would Be Prince show up on my Kindle, (My Mom has a habit of sending books that she thinks I might like to my Kindle) I thought "Oh! Frog Prince retelling! I ought to read that." I don't remember if I pulled up the cover and description before I read it or not. It's not something I often do.

I must confess that it took me a few tries to get into the book ... but that was only the first few clicks of my kindle. I was soon HOOKED. I have a review Here that I posted on the O.Scarlett! Blog. I highly recommend this book to any who enjoyed Sew, It's a Quest. The flavor of humor is very similar.

Unfortunately, Norm DaPloom, the author of this amazing read, does not have any other books, nor does he even have a website or anything like that. Just this lovely little book. (That I really ought to read to my younger brother and cousins ...)


Oh, and while I'm on the subject of Jack, she posted a lovely shout out about me (and Sew, It's a Quest in particular) on her blog today as the kick-off for her Book Count-down thingy.


  1. Kendra,I'm officially furious at you. WHAT KIND OF ENDING WAS THAT??????
    If I say I'll help you edit and give feedback, can I please have the script?? *hopeful grin*

    1. Hmmmmm .... I suppose if you'll shoot me an email (you can find my address on my FAQ's page, or you can use the contact me page on my Official Website) I can send it to you chapter by chapter like I do the rest of my editors ...

      (although, I must warn you, Do You Take This Quest? has more of a cliffhanger than Sew does ...)


    3. Um, because I wanted a plot for book 3?

  2. Ooh, very interesting title! I love fairy tale retellings, too. And the pirate captain sounds hilarious! I have a weakness for a well written pirate. :) And dragons!

    1. I'm not sure how well written the pirates were, but the dragon was superb!

  3. Hm, a giveaway, I should enter. Oh wait...

    I am going to add this book to my list! Sounds like something I would really like. I read a bit of the summery and it only got me wanting to read it even more! It sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. I think you would love this - the book you wrote for NaNo reminded me much of this book.


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