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A Christmas Wish from my Characters.

I've talked with various of my characters and they've agreed to come over and wish all of you Merry Christmas.

Or, well, most of them have. Some I've had to force ... others ... they're going to skip this year.

Some I had to explain what Christmas is, first.

So, anyways, here's some Christmas Wishes from my characters. I've sorted them by book, by the way, oh, and allowed them to interact within book. Sometimes I had to step in and make a comment.


   Tiger: May the Blessings of Yshew be with you! Kendra says that your Christmas falls during our Month of Blessings, and that's the greeting that we give friends and family during the Month of Blessings. Of course, you're also supposed to do something for your friends and family to bless them as well.
   Snap: And eat up any food that might spoil during winter.
   Tiger: But that's not the point of the Month of Blessings, merely an nice side part. Hum. This internet stuff, I never shall understand why you and Kendra like it so much, Snap. It makes for a very impersonal world. How is one to bless their friends if they're connected only by a glowing screen?
   Snap: Never gave much thought to that, we don't have the Month of Blessings in Limbo.
   Tiger: Oh, well. Oh! I know! We can impart to our friends some of the knowledge that we possess!
   Snap: Sounds good.
   Tiger: Okay, my advice to you is this: a mix of honey and oregano are good for sore throats.
   Snap: And it tastes horrid.
   Tiger: Snap!
   Snap: Oh, well, I guess it's my turn. Hmmmm ... Oh, I know! Never slam the bakery door when you have a cake in the oven. It can cause the cake to fall. I learned that one the hard way.
   Tiger: I'm sure you did.
   Me: I posted a story about Tiger yesterday, for those of you who are interested.

Water Princess, Fire Prince:

   Clara: Marley was dead.
   Andrew: Clara, we're supposed to be wishing Kendra's readers a merry Christmas.
   Clara: Bah, humbug.
   Andrew: *Sigh.* Clara's not usually this way. I think she's upset because Kendra forced her to watch the Barbie version of the Christmas Carol on Saturday.
   Me: Hey! I didn't force her to, I invited her so that we could have some character-author bonding time.
   Clara: Ebeneezer Scrooge is not a famous opera singer.
   Me: And Barbie is not a guy.
   Clara: Bah, humbug.
   Me: Just tell everyone merry Christmas.
   Clara: Fine. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. All that.
   Andrew: Yes, Merry Christmas.


   Lillillil: Perisna Soup!
   Rikkard: Princess Lillillil, the term Kendra instructed us to use was Merry Christmas. 
   Lillillil: Kendra doesn't even like the name Mary.
   Rikkard: Lillillil, not Mary, Merry. Its a human term for happy.
   Lillillil: Why should I be happy that it's the birthday of Yova's Son is today and everyone is ignoring Him!!!!
   Rikkard: Kendra has assured us that she and most everyone who reads her blog do not ignore Jesus. The people who ignore Jesus are the ones who also ignore Yova the rest of year.
   Lillillil: Kendra says that they put popcorn on trees for Christmas - and she gave me some popcorn! It's really good! It's even better than Swissa cakes!
   Rikkard: Lillillil, can you stay on topic.
   Lillillil: But Rikkie! I'm tired of the topic!
   Rikkard: Just say "Merry Christmas."
   Lillillil: Popcorn trees!
   Rikkard: Sometimes I don't know why I bother.
   Lillillil: It's because you love me!
   Rikkard: It's because your father will have me killed if I don't ... Merry Christmas.
   Lillillil: Merry Christmas! And he does so love me!


   Robin: Don't fall off the page.
   Robert: Uh, Robin ...
   Robin: Oh, right! *Eye roll* Happy Turning of the Page!
   Robert: You would think you'd have that down by now.
   Robin: It's just more of that you've got to say this right and not do this wrong rigmarole stuff ...
   Robert: Oh ... never mind. Anyways, Kendra says that since she still doesn't have Do You Take This Quest? ready for release, she'll let you in on a tidbit of world building. We don't celebrate Christmas in Bookania.
   Robin: *snorts* I'm glad we don't. From what Kendra tells us about it, it's weirder than anything we have here.
   Robert: But it's closest equivalent is the Turning of the Page, although New Year's would be a closer equivalent as far as what we're celebrate.
   Robin: Yep. We all get together and talk about the last year and about how it could have gone better or worse, resolve to do better next year, and exchange presents.
   Robert: Pretty much. We also have a feast or two.
   Robin: You haven't told them to not fall off the page.
   Robert: That's Robin's personal greeting for this time. The actual greeting is Happy Turning of the Page. Kendra says that she actually mentioned this festival twice in Do You Take This Quest?
   Robin: And it's not me that mentions it.
   Robert: No, it's not. Kendra says that it's a mystery character who says it.
   Robin: Terrific.

The Ankulen:

   Jen: Thanks so much to Kendra who's allowing us to write this on her blog. Merry Christmas!!!!! I ought to get myself a blog, ought I not?
   Tisha: Oh, yes, that would be such fun!
   Chris: And thanks to Kendra also for letting us wish you a Merry Christmas too!!! Not many people let the imaginary friends of other people write on their blogs!
   Megan: Merry Christmas!
   Derek: Personally, I'm worried about Kendra.
   Jen: Oh, why? She's a nice girl, and very understanding ...
   Derek: She's too understanding. She figured out way too quickly that that story you're writing was real. Crazy real.
   Jen: Well, Kendra's an Anka, too, I guess.
   Derek: Has she shown you her world?
   Jen: No ... but I've read her books. They're very good. Not all Anka and Anku can show their worlds to others beyond the written word.
   Chris: Hey, Derek, have a cookie! *Holds out a Christmas Cookie*
   Derek: *eyes cookie* Let me guess, you made this?
   Chris: I put on the sprinkles.
   Derek: Throws up hands. You've got them as kids again, Jen!
   Jen: Kids are more fun to bake cookies with, Derek.
   Megan: Baking cookies just isn't the same without kids, you know!
   Derek: You're all hopeless! All of you!
   Jen: Hey, let's sing a Christmas Carol!
   Derek: You're changing the subject.
   Jen: Yes, I am. Hey, Kendra wrote a really cool song called "Down in a Manger." Let's sing that!
   Derek: No.
   Jen: Yes! One, two, three -
  *All, with the exception of Derek, sing This Song*

And there we go. No these aren't all of my characters. Indeed it's far from it. They're just the ones I could talk into doing this. And, no, Jen is not aware that she herself is a character, nor are Derek and Megan. They are amusing at times when I talk to them.

Anyways, Have a very Merry Christmas, hope you enjoy whatever you're getting, and have fun!

Oh, and I think I'm going to search my Mom's Computer for a nice picture ...

Or ... Nevermind. I can't find anything on mom's computer. Have a picture of a scarf instead. I've posted this picture before ... but anyways ...

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