Friday, March 4, 2011

Green Eyes chapter 4

"Where are we going," Cynth asked, trying to catch her breath.

"Away from the thin spot," said Rynth, "We don't want to fall back in and get stuck somewhere else." Soon she slowed to a stop. "The reason you couldn't see me in the other land was because I was not completely there, and nor was I completely here. I was standing in between. I needed you to step forward so I could take your hand and pull you here."

"Oh," said Cynth, "I see, I think."

"We must be silent," said Rynth, "I will explain things when we reach Tante's house, and she will too."

"Who's Tante?"


Obediently, Cynth said nothing until they reached a gnarled old tree, at which point Rynth let go of her hand and scaled the tree without a moment's hesitation.

Cynth took a deep breath, and followed.

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