Friday, March 4, 2011

Green Eyes chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a land that I'm sure you've never heard of, there lived a girl with green eyes. Her name was Cynth. Cynth lived in a land where people only had brown and blue eyes, so she was despised and ridiculed. Her mother and father and brothers and sisters all had brown and blue eyes, but she had green.

One day, she was walking in the forest, trying to avoid the teasings of her should-be playmates. Tears chased each other down her cheeks.

"Why am I so different?" she asked, "Why do I have green eyes?"

Her grandmother, whose eyes where as blue as the sky, was the only one who didn't consider Cynth to be an absolute failure as a child. Cynth was about to find out why.

"Who are you?" a voice asked, softly, yet loud enough for Cynth to hear.

"Cynth," said Cynth, without thinking. She turned around to look at her addresser, but there was no one there.

"You can't see me right now," the voice continued, "For I don't belong here." There was a pause, then the voice continued, "And neither do you."

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