Friday, March 4, 2011

Comb Jelly

The comb jelly is one of the most fascinating creatures in the sea. They are called comb jellies for the combs of tiny hairs, called cilia, that enable them to swim. They are distinguished from jellyfish by the fact that they don’t have stinging tentacles. They can be found in most waters, but usually pretty far down. If one would like to examine a comb jelly, however, they would have to catch them in a clear container of water, for comb jellies turn to mush when they leave the water. This is because they are invertebrates and don’t have any supportive skeletons. In fact, they completely rely on the water to support them.

Comb jellies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.­ Some have phosphorous portions, especially the ones that live really deep in the ocean. Comb jellies are carnivores, capable of eating creatures almost as big as them, due to the fact that their stomachs and mouths are expandable. The phosphorous portions help them to attract prey.

One interesting fact about comb jellies is that they don’t have brains. Instead, they have what is called a nerve net. That is what controls their actions.

As you can see comb jellies truly show that God knew what he was doing. If evolution were true, how would it have evolved? The stretchy stomach before the stretchy mouth? But God made them, and He made them right.

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