Friday, March 4, 2011

Green Eyes chapter 3

A tingling sensation came over Cynth, starting at her fingertips and within moments enveloping her whole body. Then it darkness flooded her eyes. She tried to cry out, but she had no voice. It felt as though an elephant were sitting on her chest - only what was an elephant?

Then the weight dissipated, and she could breath again, and her sight came back, and the tingling feeling went away. However, she was no longer in the woods she had been in.

She was looking at a girl, who looked as like to her in every way.

"Who are you?" Cynth asked.

The girl smiled. "I am your twin sister, Rynth."

"But -" began Cynth.

"You were lost," said Rynth, "Sent away, stolen. The woman you called Grandmother knew, but could not send you back here. There is a child stuck here that you must return the the land I just brought you from. The child of the man and woman you called your parents."

"I don't understand," said Cynth.

"Nor is there time for further explanations," said Rynth, "This is a dangerous place." She grabbed Cynth's hand and drug her away.

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