Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Tour of Ever After - Tales to Come

Okay, so life has calmed down now, a little, and I am now no longer living with my parents. Yeah. They moved out of the house and left me behind with my aunt. So, yeah. That's been the stress I've been dealing with lately, but things should be settling down now. Hopefully. I still need to rearrange the downstairs trailer that I'm now living in, and figure out how to feed myself without a proper kitchen (long story), but, I'm here. It's happened. I'm now an independent woman. Ish.

But that's not the point of this post.

Last day of The Tales of Ever After blog tour. Wow. It's been a whirlwind week in more ways than one, and I'm so happy with how well the book seems to have been received. Don't forget to travel through all of the posts and leave as many comments as you can. While the rafflecopter giveaways end today, it's going to be Saturday before I can count all of the comments, so you have an extra day to attempt to win that special package of sneak peeks. For the record: bloggers, replying to your comments on your own reviews and guest posts counts. (Though this does not apply to the participating authors, just the bloggers.)

Now, onto my post!

See, when I sent out the sign-up form for the authors to let them claim their posts for the tour, one of the options I gave them was talking about their upcoming releases. After all, this is a collection to allow people to find their new favorite authors. People want to know what their new favorite author is releasing next.

And it's just a tradition for me to talk about my upcoming releases at the end of a blog tour. And you can't argue with traditions, now can you?

However, none of the other authors decided to take this option - even though I know a couple of them DO have very imminent releases. Ah well. I'm still going to talk about mine, because I have a pretty packed couple of months, and it's pretty much alllll fairy tales.

First off, end of August, I have my first major releases since 2016: The Worth of a King, which is a spin-off of the Rizkaland Legends. It's not an official retelling, but I realized half-way through the writing that it does follow a Snow White arc, so ... I'm running with it. I'm currently looking for bloggers to take part in its blog tour. I still have six more characters who I would really like to have interviewed, and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only have two or three posts each. So if you have a blog, I'd love to have you on board. I also have a goal of twenty reviews for the book within the month of September, so if you can manage that, I'd love to send you an ARC. I'm running a wee bit behind thanks to the whole moving hoopla that I mentioned at the top of this post, but I'm planning to have the ARC's sent out on Saturday.

Sign up here, if you're interested.

Now, speaking of Snow White, at the end of October, I have a TON of that fairy tale dropping on the world. And not all of it mine. I'm leading a Magic Mirror's group release. Currently, I have four stories accepted, all of them lovely rich stories that are each highly unique and creative - two of them the most unexpected mash-ups you'll find. I'm currently reading through the last submission, and I will have either one or two of my own stories in the release - Red as Snow, the third Twist of Adventure for certain, and a strong possibility of The Seven Drawers if I can get back into the swing of its rewrite. Was going strong there for a bit, but I've hit a bit of a quicksand again. But, again, do look forward to that. I'll be announcing the 5-7 titles (AND REVEALING COVERS!) just as soon as Worth's blog tour is over.

Now, I would kiiinda like to touch on my plans for next year. My very ambitious plans for next years.

Three Bookania Quests.

Not three Bookania Short Stories. Actual, full-length releases. I've reached the half-way point on the first of them, and will hopefully have it done by the end of October, as I thiiiiink that I've made it through most of the sticky parts. Then, for NaNo, I'll write book 5, and if I finish it fast enough, will plunge into book 6. So, yes, ambitious, and I admit that I've never before managed to write a sequel before its previous book was released, but I'm going to try. I really want to drop the second trilogy of this series all at once, rather than the six years that it took me to pull the first trilogy off. That was just ridiculous.

There will also be a Golden Braids release sometime next year, probably in July/August, which will include the fourth Twist of Adventure, and hopefully the fifth Bookania Quest.

So, yeah. Stay tuned for that. All the fairy tales!

Now, again, don't forget to visit all of the posts and comment on them, and enter all of the rafflecopters before they close. I'll be here on Saturday to announce the winners! There's a Facebook party tonight that you can check out, so hop on over there. Also, there should be one or two more posts up on Monday, one of them being a Scavenger hunt where I try to find books from my shelf  that match the stories in the Tales of Ever After. I'd hoped to have this video up before the release, but, again, moving hoopla.

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  1. Ambitious is right . . . best of luck to you in all your writing, and I can't wait to read the finished products!

  2. Ahh, yes, moving hoopla. I feel your pain, as my family moved into town this Spring--UGH. It's always a relief when things ettle down, and you can focus on getting your personal space in order, wot? (But having no proper kitchen would be annoying. Yeesh. *Sympathetic puppy-eyes*)

    Best wishes on your goals, Kendra! Just focus on making progress and pushing through the "sticky bits." You can do it! *Pompoms*


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