Monday, August 27, 2018

The Worth of a Book Release.

Greetings and solutions! I rise from the dead!

And my newest novel The Worth of a King has hit the shelves. Virtual ones, at least. Due to life issues being crazy, I've had to put the paperback on hold - but I do plan to have that done before the end of September.

Anywho. The Kindle edition is out! Purchase it now! I'm told it's awesome!

And I have a giveaway for it. Seeeee:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out the rest of the tour for today - (Btw, as per usual in my tours, the person who leaves the most comments will receive a special prize. So get commenting.)

Lit Aflame – Kendra E. Ardnek
Light and Shadows – Kendra E. Ardnek
Jenelle Schmidt – Granite

And Water Princess, Fire Prince is currently free on kindle while Lady Dragon, Tela Du is just 99 cents! So go pick them up while you can! 


  1. HUZZAH for the blog tour!

    If I discovered I were royalty, I suspect my first move would be to figure out who's on the throne that could be mine. If it's a descent person, I'd probably go on as if I didn't know, but keep the proof in my back pocket in case I needed to take action. Of course, if the person isn't descent, I'd have to take action, claim my rightful throne . . . and then hand it over to someone more qualified than me, because I would be a terrible ruler.

  2. If I discovered I was royalty... I'd probably try really hard to disappear. Especially if it was in our world... because I don't fancy sitting on any throne in our world.

    If it was in an alternate, fantasy world... well, it depends on the world. I don't love the idea of that kind of responsibility... but if I felt like I could do something good with my newfound status, I guess the first thing I would do is try to find a really trustworthy mentor.

  3. Congratulations, Kendra--another published work under your belt! *Confetti*
    And hurrah for another Blog Tour! *Glitter Bomb*

    If I discovered I was royalty...well, it's a romantic notion, but realistically, it'd be more stress and responsibility than I could handle. At least by myself. Like Jenelle Schmidt said, I'd probably try to find a good mentor and/or gather several good, honest advisors around me. It'd also be good to have a royal spouse who had a better head for politics and all that rot to help me bear the burden. XP

  4. If I discovered that I was royalty, I guess that first I would travel to wherever my family lived. Then I would see what state their library is in. If it is in good condition, I'll claim it as my sanctuary and add any new books to it that come my way, so long as I deem them worthy, of course. If it be in bad disrepair, then I shall still lay claim to it and fix it up, admonish those who kept it before me, and add my favourite books and take suggestions from anyone else in the kingdom who likes to read. I would probably be a terrible ruler, since I would probably spend all my time in the library.

    It might seem a very silly thing to do, but if I were given the chance to own a library, I wouldn't pass it up.

    1. Heh. This is actually about 100% what Adrian does.

  5. If I discovered I was royalty I'd scream toward the person that told me, "Off with their head!" Just kidding . . . maybe . . .

    I'd probably try to see if all my grand schemes were half so grand. And hope I wouldn't fail :0

  6. This book looks amazing! I found out about it on my good friend Rhoxie Mans' blog (Books, Braids, and Born Again). So...I'm going to enter your giveaway!!! I hope I get to read your book! I love peppermint oil too.��

    If discovered I were royalty... I would move to England and buy 'Pemberly', help my dad publish his book, replace all of my violin strings with nice ones, get a few pretty dresses, get dance lessons for my sister, violins lessons for my brother, and bagpipe lessons for my littlest brother... Well, hang on a sec--just because you are royalty doesn't mean you're rich!!

    Oh well.


    1. Ahhh! I would totally follow you on Facebook and Twitter and add your book on Goodreads, but I don't have any of those accounts!������ But I would have if I could have. <3

  7. End of September. So not before my birthday. Though even if the paperback was available now, I wouldn't arrive by my birthday anyway, so it doesn't matter.

    If I discovered I was royalty I would... Figure out what I was getting out of it, then reevaluate my life. And if it come with money, I'd easily think of things to do with it, probably still deliberate over whether I can justify spending it for a while before giving in. I'm good of dreaming or ways to spend money, but almost as good at not doing it.

  8. Congratulations on publishing another book!!

    If I was royalty... um... hehe, I'd probably hide! XD


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