Sunday, August 5, 2018

Tales of Ever After - Cinders

This post is a ... wee bit late.

My life has been turned upsidedown this last week as my parents finally got a new house and we've been in hyper-move mode to get them into it. Leaving me with practically no time today. Sigh.

But here I am now, with post stuff. Though I am also unfortunately on the wrong computer and don't have many of my graphics for this post. We'll make do, though, shall we?

Basically, and in short, I had a story make its way into the latest Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology! (Not only that, but the organizer put my story at the front of the collection!)

And, in the interest in keeping this post short, here's the rundown of why you should read this lovely story that I christened "Cinders"

1. As the name suggests, it is a Cinderella retelling.
2. But it's a very mixed up retelling of Cinderella.
3. It features a veeeeeery adorable little kitten, who has a pretty important role to play. (They almost moved the story over to the cats collection, in fact!)
4. One of my friends has told me it's my best work to date.
5. The collection it's featured in is free! Or it will be, just as soon as Amazon gets its act together.

And some funfacts about the writing process for this story:

1. It's been the fastest I've ever taken a story from inspiration to publication, as I didn't even have an idea for an entry when the anthology was first announced.
2. The anthology organizer actually gave me my premise, when I confessed to having no inspiration.
3. I proceeded to write the first thousand or so words in one night, in a notebook.
4. The last half of it was written at the Texas Homeschooled Author's Writer's retreat.
5. I got to hug the anthology organizer at Realmmaker's the week before last.

Now, there are some giveaways involved with this thing, but I currently don't have access to the links and such. I'm just going to point you guys to the masterlist/schedule thing, where others DO have the giveaways posted. Click through and comment on all of them, because the person who leaves the most comments across the tour will get a bundle of sneak peeks from the upcoming books of multiple authors!

(Please note that some of the links are broken. I am in the process of fixing them, but every time I think I have, they break again. Bear with me.)

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  1. Congratulations, Kendra! *Confetti floof* Wow, how exciting to write a story so quickly and get it published right off!


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