Wednesday, August 29, 2018

If You Liked The Worth of a King, You Should Also Read...

So, yes, I deleted yesterday from existence, and yes, this post is late. I ... didn't get enough sleep last weekend, and my brain keeps crashing.

Anywho, I decided to cut today's topic and do yesterday's instead, 'cause yesterday's was the one that I'd done actual preparation for.

Books that I feel would also be enjoyed by readers of The Worth of a King.

1. Sons of the King by Kimia Wood.
Okay, I just have to start with getting this one off of my chest. I found out about this author less than a year ago when she participated in the Christian Indie Author Black Friday Sale - which happened AS I was writing The Worth of a King - and, honestly, this book kinda freaked me out with the similitude its premise had to my story - but also with some Prince Caspian vibes. When she participated in Indie e-Con, this author was actually the only one I read two books from. See, I needed to read her Zombies, as she was one of my sci-fi reps, but I really wanted to read this one too, so I did so, as the last book I read before Indie e-Con happened.
Anywho, the book exists on the same premise as The Worth of a King - or much of the same premise, as there aren't any twin sisters in the picture (though I could almost argue that Hector is a combination OF Delaney and Obsidia...). It's the tale of a disinherited prince rising up to defeat the man who killed his father and stole his throne. This prince is a bit more dedicated to the task than Adrian is - given that he was a bit older when he lost his father and the king is more obviously evil - and there are no dragons 'cause this is Kingdom Fiction instead of Fantasy, but, still, it was a really good book and it's on my list of books that I need a physical copy for my shelf. 

2. Dare by Tricia Mingerink
This is a book that I took waaaaay too long to read. I mean, I'd started it years ago, but I wandered away and didn't pick it back up until she participated in Indie e-Con last year. Sigh. I really should have read it sooner. Good book, this.
But, basically - like The Worth of a King, there are knife-wielding assassins in this book. However, unlike Worth, they're not "former" assassins - they're still card-carrying, and not just knife-carrying. And they're also working for a king who usurped his throne. Ah, yeah.

3. Dragon's Future by Kandi J. Wyatt
Aaaaaand, yet another author who I read for Indie e-Con this year. Ahem.
The last two books I mentioned were Kingdom Fiction - which is all well and good and amazing, but that means that (1) there are no dragons and (2) no twins with subtly psychic connections. And, I promise you, once you read The Worth of a King, you're going to want more of that. You're especially going to want some nice dragons. And this book provides perfectly. No usurper kings in this one, just dragon-riding goodness. And twins who weren't separated at birth.

4. White Wolf and the Ash Princess by Tammy Lash
I'm sorry, but these Indie e-Con books are just really fresh on my mind.
I acutally surprised myself with this one, as it wasn't one I would have initially considered but ... let's just say, Izzy and Jonothon have a LOT in common with Obsidia and Delaney. If you love best friend romances where the hero's just trying soooooo hard to protect her from his evil father, here you go. Also, both books feature a book-loving heroine who must be separated from her man in order to achieve personal growth before their romance can truly blossom.

5. Lady Dragon, Tela Du by Kendra E. Ardnek.
Yes, my book.
Because you're going to want to know more of Amber and Granite's story.

6. Espionage by Morgan Elizabeth Huneke.
Because of evil fathers and awesome political drama. Poor Kyle.

7. A Retelling of Snow White
Because The Worth of a King kinda turned out to be one, accidentally. I'm also disappointed with myself as it seems that I've read a lot fewer retellings of the tale than I thought I did.

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  1. These all look awesome! I need to read Morgan Huneke's book too--she is also a good friend of my friend Rhoxie Mans. (:

  2. I see my book made the list. :) I agree, poor Kyle. And Dare is AMAZING! Have you read the rest of the series yet?

  3. I think you've still read more Snow White retelling than I have. I honestly can only think of Melanie Dickerson's retelling. And various switched around movies that I haven't seen. (Pretty sure a play doesn't count as a retelling.) I think people may avoid it because it's such a specific story. There's a less ambiguity than many fairytales.

  4. I want to meet someone who reads Worth first and then reads the Rizkaland Legends, just to see how they react to what Amber becomes. I really do.

  5. QUOTE: "7. A Retelling of Snow White
    Because The Worth of a King kinda turned out to be one, accidentally."

    Intriguing! Based on what information I've gleaned about Worth, I can sorta see the Snow White theme (princess flees her castle home to escape evil stepparent trying to kill her, yes?).
    I am so looking forward to this one! :-D

  6. Congratulations on your book release! It's going on my TBR promptly! ^_^


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