Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Game: By Any Other Name

All right, first off - both LDTD and WPFP are free today through Saturday. Please share with your friends - in fact, if you tag me in your share, I will count it as a point to the giveaway. And there's no limit on how many times you can share it and earn points, so blast away!

And, don't forget, Sew is on permafree, so sharing it will give you points, too, if you tag me in the share.

All right - and now for the game. Basically, I'd like, in the comments, for you to post one of two things - 

(a) A new title for one of my books. It has to fit the book, but it's up to you as to how well, or how seriously. 
(b) A blurb for a new story based on one of my titles. It can be as wildly different from the book itself as you'd like. In fact, the more different, the better.

You may post as many blurbs/titles as you'd like/can come up with. 
Titles are worth two points, blurbs are worth three. An extra point for any that makes me laugh. Another extra point if I fall out of my chair laughing.
Titles are for my published books and short stories only, but blurbs are open to my full WIP list.
Have fun!


  1. Those book covers are SO PRETTY!

    Just grabbed the titles for my Kindle. :)

  2. Imagination Eaten

    Mirror of a Dragon

    Not That Sort of Enchanted Princess

    (Kendra, I appreciate your titles more than ever.)

  3. Alternate blurb for Water Princess, Fire Prince:

    Potential death can't stop true love . . . but it does put a damper on a relationship.

    Salah al-Din Masozi is a prince of the djinns, a being of flame and fury, a spirit of the desert sands and sky. But long ago, he was captured by wish-hunters and transported to a new world across the sea. Now he has finally escaped- only to find himself in the floating city of Kingsport, just off the coast of Virginia. With water lapping at his toes, seaspray stinging his face, and an ocean between him and his beloved desert, he must return home soon, before the waves end him- but how?

    Mari Muirgen has always lived in Kingsport, and she knows she always will live there. After all, where but a floating city can a family of shapeshifting merfolk dependent on the sea for their lives find a home? But when she meets Salah and learns of his plight, her heart is drawn across the waves and she longs to help him find his way home. Yet as she and he work together to return him to his desert sands, she finds herself falling rapidly in love with the fiery prince, and he seems to return the feelings.

    But he's fire. She's water. And love could mean death for them both.

  4. How To Make Parsley

    The Needle and the Sword

    Why is my Bracelet Flashing?

    (Gah, it's harder than it looks to figure out new titles....)

  5. My Kingdom For a Quest: ambitious and restless Derik just wants adventure and something more than the predictable life of court. But he's the crown prince, and crown princes can't escape their throne. That is, not until he meets Vespar, a bookish detective who's quite frankly terrified of the perilous missions he keeps being sent on. And then there's Sylvan, the roguish priest who's more than willing to arrange a swap between them. When Derik agrees to exchange his kingdom for a quest, will it he happily ever after, or chaos meets disaster?


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