Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ink yet to Flow

There's thing that's been going around the authors and writers I follow. It's a wish list of sorts of books one would like to write, but isn't sure she'll ever get around to doing so. I've got a ton of ideas rolling around in corners of my brain, of course I'm going to do this.

So, in no particular order: My ideas. The ones I'll probably never get around to writing, but still burn in my heart just the same.

A historic retelling of Sleeping Beauty: I honestly don't know why nobody else has ever thought of this one, made this connection, but Henry II (the dad of Richard the Lionheart and John the worst king of Ennnngland) had a mistress named Fair Rosamond, who he kept hidden in a maze of sorts for several years until Elanor found her and she became a nun instead. Based on the fact that Rosamond is one of the names of Sleeping Beauty, and there are versions of the tale where he hid her away, kinda forgot about her and took another wife, my brain just naturally made the connection. This isn't the sort of book I'd normally write, but it's certainly a story that I'd love to see written.

Crystal Castle: Has anyone here seen Barbie's Diamond Castle? I've seen it several times, and my younger cousin (the one who inspired Chris) commented that it's a bit of a "Jesus story" as he put it. The two girls have to believe in something they can't see, and when they turned from the path, and took off their protection, they fell. He then wanted to perform his own version of it, so I started writing this play. Names changed, and so did the plot, becoming a bit more of a Pilgrim's Progress. I'd love to get back to this idea and pull at least a short story out of it, because it's rather sweet.

The Story of an Enchanted Sword: This one also came from my young cousin, he wanted an enchanted sword. I, of course, took it to the next level and decided that the sword was enchanted because some dark magic had tied the soul of the daughter of the man who forged it to it. Whoever wields it is promised twelve victories in battle, but then the girl asks them to destroy it, and thus break the spell on her. If they don't, in the next battle, they die. Pretty morbid, huh?

A Western Version of Sew, It's a Quest: This one is ... new. You see, the other day I pulled a blue jean shirt out of my closet and the thought passed through my head that it'd be exactly what Robin would wear in the wild west, which led to the wonder what it the story had been like had it been a western instead of a fairy tale retelling. Robin became the owner of the largest ranch in the town. Robert stayed her brother, but became a preacher (he'd been sickly as a kid, so had turned to booklearning while Robin followed their dad everywhere and learned the boyish stuff. Eric is the new sheriff who had gone to school with Robert. Rosamond - or Rose, as I think I'll change her name - is the new schoolteacher who has caught the eye of both Robert and Eric. I've got it all plotted out, complete with a snake of a villain and all that good stuff. I've never turned my hand to a western before, but I think this one'll be fun.

I mean, I never thought I'd write a Super Hero story, but HaV Academy twisted itself out of Sew, It's a Quest as well.

A story about Winged People: This is mostly so that I can have a board for all the lovely pictures of winged people on Pinterest. I have no idea what I'd do with this, but still, it's something I'd like to write someday.

Via Pinterest

A First Contact Sci-fi: I'd planned to write this for a Cats in Space contest thing that a friend was running, and I was going to enter. My entry was going to be a sorta prequel to my NaNo of '13, about how the Catalins, a people group who are a cross between Vulcans, computers, cats, and Orientals that I had created for that book, made first contact with humans ... and mistook our cats for the intelligent life forms on earth. Unfortnately, I barely got it started. I shall attempt it again this time, and this time finish it, because it's sure to be an interesting story.

A contemporary. I don't read contemporary books, because they're usually just a lot of drama about boys and "Important issues." However, I'm all for stretching myself as a writer, and having to write about an era and world I don't know very well is definitely something I ought to look into. Don't know what it'd be about though ...

Urban Fantasy: Again, to stretch myself. Have no idea what I'd like it to be about, but currently the closest thing I have is League of Royals.

A Book about Bed Monsters: This would have to be a picture book ... but have I ever told you guys that I have a monster under my bed? Well, she's under my desk now that I have a loft bed, but anyways, her name's Googi, and she looks a bit like Liz from Magic School bus, except that has a ruff of purple feathers. It's a ... game I play with my younger siblings.

A Book about Fairies and Leprechauns: No, not Unforgiven. I'm talking about an older story that was originally a game between me, my sister, and a friend of ours. It's a ... complicated story, but I'd like to pull it out and write it some day. But basically, if I remember right, it's about a girl who's mother was a fairy and abandoned her and her father when she was a baby, and then the mother returns, and then the dad becomes a leprechaun and ... it's crazy.

Amazons: About a band of women who shun men and travel the woods hunting. I don't know why, but I've always found this theme interesting.


  1. All of this ideas sound awesome, Kendra! Honestly, I had never thought about Barbie and the Diamond Castle that way before. And the sword story and the western Sew... oh, they're all wonderful ideas!

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. I've determined that should I ever write Sew, It's a Western (unofficial working title), Eric will be the POV main character, and, actually, the driving force in the dislike between him and Robin. It'll be quite interesting.

  2. Historical fiction and a fairytale retelling in one book? Um, yes! You should totally write that. I love both historical fiction and I fairytale retellings, so I'm sure I'd like a Sleeping Beauty version of both. I don't read many contemporary books either, also because of boys and some other unclean stuff that is usually included, but I recently started writing a contemporary novel (I'm about halfway through). Mine is clean, so I say you go for it and make yours clean, too. Just because most contemporaries fall into certain characteristics doesn't mean that yours has to. Good luck with all of your ideas. I'm sure they'd all make wonderful stories.l

    1. The Historic Sleeping Beauty is pretty high on the list of books I'd really like to write (or at least see written), I'm just not sure I'm ready to attempt it yet. Maybe in five, ten years, somewhere in there.

  3. Oooo, Sew It's a Quest as a western! That's a great idea! I like the Enchanted Sword idea too. And the winged people. Have you ever read Maximum Ride by James Patterson? That's about winged teenagers. I have no idea whether or not it's good, but it looks kind of interesting.

    1. I've heard of it, but no, I haven't read it yet. But, yeah, I'm going to have to write the Enchanted Sword one ... maybe I can work it into Bookania ...???

  4. ZOMG. THESE ARE GOOD. I want the Amazons one very desperately, also under the bed story (I don't care if it's a picture book...I still want it) aaaand, I want to write a contemporary too! It's kind of out of my league. (I tried to write one once and hit the main character with a car and then sat there thinking, "Heck, why did I do that?" It was a badly written mess I will never ever ever look at again.) XD

    1. I need to write that monster story. I might actually try to go traditional with it, as it's the type of story that would sell well. I shall have to ponder this decision.

      I have no idea what I'd write a contemporary about. Probably a writer, though. Maybe an actress? An actress who writes her own plays? I shall have to ponder this.

  5. I really like the idea of a western Sew. It sounds pretty cool. And wanting to write a story for the Pinterest pictures...I have a secret board that's a storyless storyboard that's basically that.


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