Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Seven Reasons You Need to Read Twisted Dreams

Day three! Halfway through the tour already. How about that. I'm going to talk about Morgan's book today, and the seven reasons that you need to read it.

1. Because Matthew is adorable. Just needed to get that out of the way. Adorable fellow there who needs far more love.

2. So you can find out which is the real world - the fantasy kingdom or sci-fi dungeon.

3. And, while you're at it, so that you can find out who is the real villain. Is it Calandra, who's trying to keep her in the sci-fi world, or the Cantileens who want to keep her in the fantasy kingdom?

4. Because the worldbuilding is brilliant. Or, at least, very intriguing. I like worldbuilding. The Wingans are awesome. #JustSaying.

5. There are dungeon break-outs. You know, just in case that's the thing you're into. I'm about to write a dungeon break-out... once I get these characters INTO the dungeon..,

6. It gets political. It's a book by Morgan. This is a given.

7. It has an awesome theme. Perhaps better than Poison Kiss's. That maaaaaay because I needed TD's message a bit more than I needed PK's. Anywho. Go read this book.

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Giveaway Time!

There will also be a prize for the person who leaves the most comments across all of the blog posts for this tour - whoever leaves the most comments gets to read The Seven Drawers, the retelling of Snow White that I just finished for the Rooglewood contest, and Cindy Ellen, the sequel to Rosette Thornbriar. Both stories are finished, so you don't have to worry about cliff hangers. Get commenting.

And, as a reminder, any comments that you leave on my blog this month and next will count towards a drawing for a full set of my books, with the all-new covers.

Oh, and free books!
Sew, It's a Quest (Permafree):


  1. #1 absolutely storming yes. Matthew is the best part of the book. Possibly because he is, as someone pointed out, the only one of the three MCs who isn't twitterpated.

    1. The poor baby needs some looooooove.

    2. Agreed. He'll get some in my review tomorrow, for what that's worth.

    3. Morgan pointed that out in my interview with her.

    4. Matthew's the best. You can actually thank my sister for him. I was brainstorming for the story about Will and Liesel's kids, and she insisted they needed Matt Smith as an uncle. The rest is history. :)

  2. You're about to write a dungeon breakout scene? If that's in Worth I'm very excited and curious. If it's in something else, i'm still curious.

    1. Well, to be technical, it's a tower escape. Mwahahahaha.

  3. 6. It gets political. It's a book by Morgan. This is a given.

    Yep. Absolutely. Always political. Always some kind of dungeon/jail scene too. That's the reason I cite for being unable to write contemporary. I can't throw my characters in the dungeon. ;)

    1. Eh, well, you can. You just have to get creative.

  4. These comments are a hoot. :-D

    And if Matt Smith is who I think he is...Master Matthew should be an interesting "uncle." And a fun character. ;-)

    Best wishes, Morgan!
    God bless, and Happy Writing!

    1. Eleventh Doctor. ;) He's crazy, but so much fun.



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