Monday, August 7, 2017

Seven Reason You Need to Read Poison Kiss

Well, today's the day, folks! The day that I loose my newest book upon the world, not to mention my mom's new book, and my writing buddy, Morgan, releases hers.

Oh, and they're all three retellings of Sleeping Beauty. How awesome is that?

And, in honor of these releases, I'm going to tell you seven reasons why you need to read Poison Kiss right now. Seven reasons for each of Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Godmothers. The good ones, that is. I've banned the eighth one. Hopefully, I won't regret doing that.

(And, yes, there will be posts for the other two books over the course of this tour, but today it's my book. Kay? Kay.)

1. All of the characters are incredibly self-aware and they KNOW that their lives are playing out the various fairy tales. Puss in Boots freely admits that this is the third he's found himself in. Olgerta switches the gifts 90% because she's tired of handing out the same curse over and over.

2. Speaking of switching, Olgerta curses the kiss instead of the spinning wheel, leaving poor Geneva scrambling to provide a cure. And her father has to lock her in a tower instead of banishing the spinning wheels.

3. There are a number of references to the Sleeping Beauty ballet. I did my best to avoid the ballet when writing Sew (I actually stole one element, but ... it was just one element). So to distance this book from Sew, I based it more on the ballet.
You guys are going to have to read it to find out what those references are.
That said, there's also a large reference to the original version of the tale that I didn't get in Sew.

4. Puss in Boots is in it. And the White Cat, which is one of my favorite fairy tales. And the enchanter. Can't tell you what fairy tale he's from, but you'll figure it out.

5. It's hilarious. Sorry, I can't write a book without a large dose of humor, and this book is no exception.

6. It's surprisingly complicated for being only 11,000 words. It's a fact - I can't write a simple story. My feedback from my betas was about 70% "Kendra, how do you make these sort of connections!!!"

7. It's got a good message. It's a bit spoilery, though, so just ... go read it and find out what it is.

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Giveaway Time!

There will also be a prize for the person who leaves the most comments across all of the blog posts for this tour - whoever leaves the most comments gets to read The Seven Drawers, the retelling of Snow White that I just finished for the Rooglewood contest, and Cindy Ellen, the sequel to Rosette Thornbriar. Both stories are finished, so you don't have to worry about cliff hangers. Get commenting.

And, as a reminder, any comments that you leave on my blog this month and next will count towards a drawing for a full set of my books, with the all-new covers.

Oh, and free books!
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  1. I have a feeling I'll really enjoy the retelling of Sleeping Beauty from Five Magic Spindles that's set in Mesopotamia... it just sounds cool. And I LOOOVE Sonora and the Long Sleep by Gail Carson Levine.

    1. Sonora's awesome. And I need to read that collection, as well as the B&B one. They're both on my kindle...

  2. Not going to lie, Poison Kiss is definitely the one of these stories that I'm most excited for (mostly because Puss in Boots; including a semi-magical cat, or at least a talking one, is an excellent way to get me excited for a story). But reason #1- the awareness of fairy tales- also sounds super fun. Can't wait to read this!

    1. Well, there's actually two semi-magical talking cats. Katrina's a cat, too. She and Puss are ... interesting.

    2. So I just read the White Cat fairytale yesterday and now I have Theories. Also a desire to retell that fairytale but yeah.

    3. Does that mean that you want to hear my theories/speculations, or that you're just glad I have them?

  3. Interesting... Can't wait to read it!

  4. I've already read, it, but you just made me excited again. And I'm going to have to look up the White Cat because I had never heard of it before reading Poison Kiss.

    1. I need to finish my commentary on WC, it's sitting in my blog post drafts.


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