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Rizkan Water

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Since you seem to like my world building, I have decided to share something from Rizkaland, my favorite of all of my worlds. (Shh! Don't tell Bookania I said that, though!)

My favorite part about Bookania is its water. You see, it isn't quite like ours, which is clear.

In Rizkaland, water comes in every color in the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Every single one. Not only that, but each color has a different smell, flavor, and use.

(Before I go on, a word about Rizkan geography. Rizkaland is a cylindrical world with a mainland, which goes by Rizkaland as well, and six islands. They are all the same height, the height of the cylinder, and the islands vary in size from one-fourth to one-half the width of the mainland. Separating the islands and mainland are Riva (plural for Riv), which are half the width of the smallest island. A stream, brook, or river is called a Ri. I shall do up another post sooner or later with some maps ... maybe. Frankly, the names and cultures of two of the islands evade me.)

Red: Red water is the most obnoxious of all of the water. A few brave souls use it as seasoning for a chili-like dish, but most are glad that it can only be found in RivDo. If you get even a drop of it in your eyes, your liable to become blind, and many people develop horrid rashes if it touches their skin. If you ask most people, the only purpose it serves is to keep Amber, the Lady Dragon, on Amber Island where she belongs. Clara just reminded me that it also makes a good weapon, but I told her that she's too violent for her own good.

Orange: Orange water is used for baking, as it has a yeast-like effect. It is perpetually warm, so many people mix it with their bathwater in winter (which also makes bubbles that can annoy very ticklish people.) It smells and tastes like grapefruit or lemons.

Yellow: Yellow water is also used in baking - but as a sweetener. It's a rather sticky liquid, so it is not advisable for people to go swimming in RivMi and the Ria that flow with yellow water. Children like to freeze it for Popsicles. Visitors to Rizkaland report that it smells like bananas.

Green: Green water is for cleaning. It has a bitter smell and taste, and ingesting it can make you sick. Getting it in your eyes is not advisable either. However, since it's very useful for washing dishes and stuff like that, it is not shunned like red water is.

Blue: Blue water is the closest equivalent to our own water. It is pretty much tasteless. You drink it just like you do our own water. End of story. It's the most prevalent form of water in Rizkaland, and a Ri containing it can be found at least one to every square mile.

Indigo: Indigo water is another one that it is not advisable to drink or let touch your skin ... for the simple reason that it stains. Badly. It has an inky smell, and, having said that, I'm sure you won't be surprised that it's main use is ink.

Violet: Violet water is similar to green water in that it cleans. The difference is that it is safe to get in one's eyes, and isn't harmful if drunk (although some people report that they get the hiccups when they do so.) Violet water is known for being very frothy, and good for bathing. It smells like lavender.

And ....

Wait, did you think I was done with my precious water? Of course not! I still haven't told you what happens when you mix certain waters together! There are so many possibilities on this one, so I haven't figured them all out yet - and I'm open to suggestions!

Here are the ones I have figured out so far:

Two parts Yellow water to Three parts Orange water: This mixture can neutralize almost any poison, with the exception of some of the other waters. Someone noted on my Valentine's Post, that one of my characters mentioned Mistletoe Muffins. How can that be if Mistletoe berries are poisonous  Simple. Soak them in this mixture overnight. Should remove all harmful effects. (And it sweetens them!)

One part Orange water to thirty parts Violet water: Warm bathwater, of course! Very handy.

One part Green Water to One part Red water: This mixture dissolves adhesives. Clara says that it's really handy for when clueless girls superglue their knives to their hands. No, that's not in the books ... long story. The only drawback to this mixture is the fact that it sometimes dissolves other things as well - and it can be very harmful to the skin. (And yes, I gave Clara an unamused look when she suggested the superglue and hands thing.)

Equal parts all three: This is almost impossible there is nowhere in Rizkaland where you can find all seven types of water in the same place. However, if you can muster up all seven types of water, and put them in a bowl, the water will form itself into pictures - of things that will be important in the mixer's future.

And that's all of the recipes I have figured out so far - pitiful, I know. If you have any suggestions, feel free to shout it out to me. I'll mention you in the credits if it makes it into the book!


  1. Wow. That is really creative, Kendra!

    I had a thought. What if you mixed the red and yellow together to get what looks like orange? It could be a nasty prank or even a villianous poison.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. More of a prank, since a yellow/red mixture wouldn't make the bread rise, and that's the main use for orange water. It's not a good idea to drink orange water period.

  2. My Mom suggested that maybe if you mix red and orange, they might explode. :)

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Oooh!!!! That's perfect for Clara and Andrew's prison-break that I need to orchestrate in the next chapter! Tell your mom thank-you for me!

  3. Ooh, I like this very much! I'm slightly obsessed with water... in fact, I've a whole book based on an idea of water. Which I haven't begun besides the idea, but I'll get to it eventually.

    the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    1. Actually, I do have one idea... Maybe if you mix different colors with Indigo, it creates different colors of ink.


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