Monday, April 1, 2013

Character Encounter - April 2013

Okay ... so it's once more time for Character Encounters. You know the drill.

Pick a character, and encounter him or her.

Well ... what are you waiting for? Go encounter!

You're waiting for me to post the location?

Oh. Okay ...

(drum roll, please ...)

The Woods

Via Pinterest
Just find your nearest woods, go exploring, and encounter your character. Oh, and make sure to link back to this post ... and when you add your link below, make sure it's the link to your encounter's post, and not just to your blog. This makes it easier on people.


  1. Yay, more Character Encounters! Every month I see the CE post and think, "Which character of mine will show up this time?" And the last few months they just haven't shown up- which is directly related to me not having devoted enough time to them. (They take a pet and that is how they wreak their vengeance on me.)

    I actually did write a CE for March early last week- but the rest of the week and the weekend were so crazy I wasn't able to polish it and post it. ): I may still post it sometime this month though - just because.

  2. Sorry, Kendra! I'm late again! I can't believe I'm just getting this posted! I've actually had this draft sitting in my files for a couple weeks now.

  3. I'm WAY late again!!!! But I did just finish mine and post it.


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