Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I - Imagination

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I - Imagination

The Ankulen is the story of a girl's quest to reclaim her long-lost imaginary world, plain and simple. She lost it when she lost her temper at the age of seven, and now she has a chance to get it back.

The real world is so cut and dry and ... real. Imagination, however, while it does draw heavily on a person's own experience in the real world, is so much more. I really pity those poor people who claim that imagination is for children only. They live such dreary lives.

My mental picture of imagination is a cloud. A cloud of possibilities. Parts are bright and beautiful, while others are dark and stormy. When you write a book, you take that cloud and pull out bits and pieces, weaving them into an extraodinary (or not so extraordinary) tapestry.

I've enjoyed building Jen's world. Indeed, it's beginning to rival Rizkaland when it comes to how fascinating it is. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't too much for a girl of six and seven to have created ... but then I brush such complaints to the side and just keep on writing. Jen was a smart kid, apparently.

On another note ... I have made some interesting strides in the writing department this week. Firstly, I have decided to change the appearance of Jen's Ankulen, slightly. Instead of a gold band with floral etchings, it will be simple and black. I'm not going to tell you my reason yet, though.

Secondly, the world of The New Division has finally presented me with its name: Colluna. Interesting. I just realized that it spells co-luna - and this world has two moons. That wasn't intentional ... but far be it from me to ruin such a perfect name. This world has been intriguing me with its world building as well. I've been focusing on the Lilnan culture so far, but that's because the foursome is within the Lilnan capitol. I can't wait to learn more about the Harshia - and then the Salvia. *rubs hands eagerly.*

Oh, and one of the blogs I follow is holding a writing contest, and she just extended the deadline to the 22nd.

Go here to check it out.


  1. I thought I was a pretty imaginative person until I started to read your blog. Hee hee. Your worlds seriously are amazing! I don't think I could come up with anything so cool! I'm more of the secret-conspiracies-everywhere-even-in-my-brain type of writer.

  2. It is always wonderful when plots start to come together!

    I will send you an email on the editing. *Grin*


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