Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Writing Update

March has been a better month for me in the writing department.

I think.

The Ankulen: If my estimate is correct, I'm at about 42,000 words - and I'm still on chapter 16 of 25, so I'm quite pleased with how my word count is cooperating. Chapters in the second half of the book seem to be longer. I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not ... I guess I'm getting comfortable with the characters or something like that. I filled up the first notebook last week, so I'm now on notebook two. It appears that I can cram about 35,000 words into a notebook.

 Sixteen thousand of those words have been typed up on the computer.

Do You Take This Quest?: I've worked on this quite a bit this month. There are a few scenes that have changed dramatically, and, of course, lots of punctuation and grammar still remains for clean-up. Mom says I use the word "got" too much so ... I've been removing them. I think I shall make it my goal to have the Kindle version out by the end of April. Can't promise the paperback though until I have my own computer. CreateSpace and I are having file-formatting issues.

The New Division: Progressing right along. I'm currently writing the scene where Melisza and Alistaar discover that they are a Dizalay and a Nalish of the Lilnas. Jaqob and Tabetha are still out cold. I'll probably revive them in the next chapter.

Behind the Rainbow: This is a book that my sister and I are co-writing. She's annoyed with me because I'm going too slow. Frankly, I don't blame her, since I've been working on my chapter for the last five months ... and I've only just stopped jumping on the giant pillow. I still need to get the V and I off of the pillow and to the Rainbow, and into the Library, and then Otis needs to give me a tour and hand me a book to read. Then V. can take back over with her narrative. (And, yes, the two main characters of this book are my sister and I. This story is based on a dream my sister had a long time ago."

Other: well ... I've been plotting my secret project, of course ... and I've pulled up the documents of some of my stories, I think I actually wrote something on To Perfect a Fairy Tale ... but other than that ... I really need to write those short stoires. Oh well.

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    I just wanted to come by really fast and let you know that I have passed an award on to you.


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