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G - God

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G - God

Readers of Sew, It's a Quest may have noticed that I don't really talk about God in that book A short exchange between Agatha and Friar Tuck, and a conversation between Robert and ****Plot Spoiler. Sorry, name is concealed.**** is it ... and those scenes weren't even in the original version!

The Author, as God is called in Bookania, is mentioned a few more times in Do You Take This Quest? and will probably be mentioned quite a few times in book 3 and beyond ... but ...

The Bookania Quests just aren't the richest allegories ever written.

However, The Ankulen is different.

While in the first half of the book, the only mention of Spiritual matters is when Jen refers to the fact that she was always the shy child in Sunday School, and when she feels uncomfortable eating without praying while in her imaginary land ... the second half does not shy away from the topic.

There is a reason I don't really mention the Lord in the first half - because Jen is not close to God. Yes, she's a Christian, and she knows what she believes and all that ... but ...

As long as she holds her imaginary friends at arm's length, she holds God at arm's length as well. He gave her her imagination, and for a purpose - and when she turns her back on His gift and that purpose ... well, she turns her back on Him, too.

No wonder she's so miserable.

I didn't know this the first time I wrote it, but I just discovered that Megan is a Christian as well ... but Derek ... most decidedly is not. 'Twill be interesting seeing how those twists will take things. I foresee Megan's sweet, childlike faith being very essential to Jen's own struggle.

At the same time, The Ankulen is an allegory. In Bookania, He is called the Author ... and it seems that I like that description of God. Jen is by no means a perfect representation of God. She's a fallible human, after all. But we're not perfect either, and, somehow, though imperfect pictures, we can better understand the perfect.

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