Friday, February 22, 2013

Q and A with Me!

M'kay, here are the questions you asked me and the sometimes silly, sometimes serious answers I gave them. Thanks to everyone who sent me questions, I had fun answering them, and I hope I answered them sufficiently.

Miss Jack Lewis Baillot asked:

What is your opinion of popcorn?

I have several opinions when it comes to popcorn, and I will list them.
1. It is a very fun word to say.
2. It tastes good.
3. It is not a good idea to put unpopped kernels up your nose.
4. It is interesting to listen to it popping in the microwave.

What do you plan to wear to your wedding?

I was wondering if someone would take the bate and ask this question.
Of all things wedding related, my dress is the one thing I have picked out. In fact, my dress is even bought and paid for.

Here's a picture:

Yup. My Mom's dress. before it was hers, it was Gma's (My paternal grandmother), which will make me the third person to wear it.

You may be wondering why my mom wore her mother-in-law's dress. You see, in the early days of their dating, Dad jokingly told mom that, since he had no sisters, and he was the oldest, his wife would have to wear his mom's wedding dress.

So, when they got married, she did.

Robyn Hoode asked:

What is your favorite Fairy Tale?

You're making me choose?
Popcorn. There's just so many! Like "The Evil Enchanter" which is about a princess who was so beautiful her mother was jealous and locked her up where no one could see her, and Grumadam, whose name is mentioned a few times in Sew, sees her and wants to marry her. (But he's ugly, so she doesn't want to marry him) Or "The Jolly King's Daughter" which is about a queen whose husband was killed by a neighboring king, and she was spared only because her daughter might grow up to be beautiful and could marry his dwarfish son. He even hires a fairy to come and tell him if the babe will be pretty or not. But then Delicia, the daughter, is kidnapped by Cancaline, who had a quarrel with the other fairy, and she ends up a Turkey Girl. 

Cancaline is also mentioned in Sew. 

Perhaps it's "The White Cat" which I've read far too many times. And, oh, "The Frog Princess" is good too! Oh, and "Finola and the Dwarf" and, and, and, and, and ....

But if I have to pick a favorite Fairy Tale, then I will go with "Casperl and the Princess." Yes! It's a real Fairy Tale. Not a well known one. In fact, the only place you can find it online (that I know of) is on my blog.

Miss Melody Muffin asked:

Have you written any historical fiction?

I've plotted more than I've written, but I do plan to get into the HiFi genre.

Off the top of my head, the only completed works I can remember were a play about Paul and Silas in Philipi, and a short story about a girl in ancient Egypt who was chosen to work at the temple of Isis. I'm not terribly proud of either of them, but, who knows, I may share them with ya'll some day ... if I can find them.

Have you ever cried as you wrote a scene?

No, I haven't. I know this sounds all mean and heartless, especially considering the fact that you've read Infiltration, and I have some scenes in that book that are pretty sad ... but I'm don't cry much period, so ... no, I've never cried while writing a scene. I have come close to tears while enacting scenes in my bedroom, but never during the actual writing process.

Do you like to watch or participate in any sports?

I enjoy watching my dad ref basketball, and I enjoy shooting hoops. Um ... volleyball is fun, and I actually do have a volleyball and my uncle put up a net in the yard, but it's been a while since I've pulled my ball out of the closet. Baseball is fun as long as I'm just hitting the ball. When you add running bases, it just gets complicated.

I suppose I'm a lot like my character, Clara, (though she hates to admit it) I'm more of an athletics person, doing stuff to do stuff, rather than for the competition part.

V. Kathie Ardnek asked:

Havin' fun yet?

No, my dear, sweet little sister who's taller than me. I'm bored to tears. ;)

What is your favorite gift?

This year or all time? I'll go with this year, since my brain isn't allowing me to remember everything I've gotten in my life. Hmm ... it's a close tie between the lovely dagger Gma and Gpa gave me, and the heirloom ring that's been mine since Great-grandma died, but Gma only just let me have for my own.

My Sanity asked:

Some people question their sanity. My sanity questions me.

Since I didn't have enough questions asked by other people, I came up with some of my own.

What does your writing desk look like?

I don't have a designated "The place is for writing" spot. I have three desks in my room (Two of which are covered in ... I don't know what all. The third is only clear because it is actually a cabinet that has a door that folds down and can be used as a standing desk (a desk that I must stand to work at - I've been told that such things are good for the heart ... or at least the arteries). Since it is usually a vertical surface, it can't become covered.

I do, however, have a bag that is designated for writing only. I've had it for two or three years, after I received it from a lady who goes to our church. She received it for free from I-forget-where. It's a shiny black, fake-leather bag that's just the right size for notebooks. There are two horizontal pockets on one size that are just the right size for pencils and erasers. Only a month or two after I got it, I tore one of the handles off, so I duck-taped it back on, so there's a silver band around the top. It looks quite pretty, actually, and I only had to change the tape once (because I didn't tape it as securely the first time). 

Do you ever clean your room?

Uhhh ... sometimes ... umm .... oh! Look a rainbow pony!

(quickly goes to the next question)

Do you have enough stories?

Nah. Not yet. My WIP list isn't twenty miles long yet?

Do you have any imaginary friends who don't belong to a book?

I do, actually. There's Googi, my bed monster. She looks a bit like Liz in the Magic Schoolbus, except she has quite a bit more purple on her. She lives under my bed and scares away nightmares and eats my toe jam. Since I got her, I've only had two nightmares, and they were when I was at my grandparents house, and she had apparently neglected to hop into my suitcase.

And then there's Richard William, who's my imaginary twin brother. Richard William is what I would have been named if I had been a boy, so ... anyways. Rich looks about as much like me as Robert does Robin, and he likes to tease me. His aspiration is to become a graphics designer, but I don't thinks he's very good. Maybe I'll have him guest post on my blog one of these days ... 

After he apologizes for comparing my hair to a haystack. We're currently not on speaking terms.


  1. Hmm, I never thought of that, but I agree, popcorn IS a fun word to say.

    That is a BEAUTIFUL dress!!! I won't be able to wear my mom's dress (wrong size) but one of my sisters has talked of wearing it at her wedding.

    I have to look up 'The Jolly king's Daughter'. It sounds quite, evil. :)

    I'd love to hear more about the ancient Egypt one!

    Oh yes! Volleyball is fun!

    A dagger! Cool!

    My family questions my sanity.... Is that strange voice in my head that I keep hearing my sanity talking? Or is it my alter ego?

    Hahaha! I try my best to keep my room neat, but currently it is rather difficult because it is VERY crowded with all kinds of things that have been moved in due to the remodeling going on in other parts of the house. ):

    I firmly believe a writer can NEVER have too many WIP's. (I myself have too many to count right now. But my list isn't twenty miles long yet either, so there is still plenty of room on it.) :)

    I'd be delighted to meet your twin brother. AFTER he apologizes. *sigh* brothers. They are great but so annoying sometimes. I have a slew of imaginary brothers in addition to my four real life brothers. I think my imaginary brothers currently number five....

    I loved reading all your answers, Kendra!


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