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Maybe we got the Wrong Address

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It is nearly the end of February, and I've decided to finally post my snippets from December and January. Due to the lack of Algae, I haven't been able to write as much as I would like. I did write quite a bit in notebooks ... but ... it's not as easy to share notebook writings.

But I do have some writing on the computer, so I will some snippets. Mostly The Ankulen and Do You Take This Quest? but some other stories might slide in. Head over here if you would like to join in.

  Madeleine was in the middle of a glare war. She threw up her hands. “Will you two please figure out how to get along?”
  Both Robin and Shira folded their arms. Neither said anything.
  “You two are so much alike,” said Madeleine, standing up. “Have your glaring contest, then. Just don’t hurt each other.”
  Shira was on her feet in a moment. “Thou art not leaving me with her.”
  “Fine, you don’t have to have a glaring contest. Honestly, I thought you two were having fun, and was getting out of your way.”
  Shira’s face contorted into something between disbelief and rage – but Robin just snorted. “Of course we were having fun. And it seems that I just won.”
  “Thou didst not win,” said Shira, whirling back around to glare at Robin.
- Do You Take This Quest?

  “It looks like a meteor struck,” I commented, indicating the barren land.
  “I suppose it does,” agreed Chris. “If only the cause were as simple as that.”
  “Are you sure this is my imagination?” I hesitantly asked. “Maybe we got the wrong address or something …”
- The Ankulen

  “I actually can’t tell much of a difference between whose sewing is whose,” remarked Robin. “She seems to be imitating your style Robert. Is that legal?”
  Robert laughed. “It is if I’m letting her.”

- Do You Take This Quest?

  “Well, well, well,” said Pearis, in the same condescending voice that Joan used when talking to people of inferior rank to herself, “if it isn’t one of those girls that Robin dragged in the other day. They said you were all over a hundred years old, didn’t they?”
  “Verily,” said Serendipity. “We were under a spell that rendered us in an enchanted sleep for an hundred years.”
  “Well,” said Pearis, “I almost didn’t believe it – how could people be over a hundred years old and yet look so young?”
  “An enchantment, as I said before,” said Serendipity.
  “But then I saw you and your hair,” continued Pearis, seeming not to notice what Serendipity had said. “And I knew that it had to be true. Concerning you, at least.”
- Do You Take This Quest?

Shasta put a tentative foot out onto the flowstone. It was solid enough – but it moved so fast she soon found herself seated on her rear. At least she was still on the stationary ground and hadn't fallen onto the flowstone.
-The Nine Gems of Virtue

  “Why don’t you ask her to dance?” questioned the old man.
  “Oh, but Grandfather, I couldn’t – I can’t dance at all, and she’s already dancing with someone else!”
  “Her brother, I’m sure,” said the old man. 
- Do You Take This Quest?

 Glowbeetles,” said Chris, the only one of us who was not hampered by the low ceiling. “You put them in all of the caves. They’re really handy.”
  “And they seem to like hair,” I commented, knocking several more to the floor.
  “Yes, so they seem,” agreed Tisha, brushing several out of her hair. “I’d never noticed that eight years ago.”
  “Perhaps because we were shorter eight years ago,” I pointed out.
  “Quite likely, Jen.”
- The Ankulen

  Since he got no negative response from the suit of armor, Edward decided that the answer must be in the positive.
- CinderEddy

  “That may be the case,” said I, “but wishful thinking isn’t going to get us anywhere. Let’s … let’s start looking.” I stood up and, after carefully positioning the notebook and pencil on a nearby stump, began kicking at the dead leaves that carpeted the ground at my feet, looking for the glint of gold.
  I saw none.
  “This is going to take a while,” I muttered.

- The Ankulen

  I raised both of my eyebrows as I lifted my wrist, holding the Ankulen like I’ve seen spies hold their communicator watches in movies. “Attention Ankulen. Bring me Tisha.” Self-consciously, I loswered my wrist. “Like that? What’s supposed to happen?”
  He laughed and shook his head. “You have to tap it!”
  “Tap it?”
  “Yes, tap the gem,” said Chris. “Then you say ‘Bring me Tisha.’”
- The Ankulen

  “Robin,” said Queen Charlotte, as Meg placed the sword on a desk. “Brides don’t usually carry swords.”
  “Brides usually aren’t the best swordsman in the world,” Robin countered.
- Do You Take This Quest?

  “Oh! That’s terrible.” Tisha’s voice was panicked. “We must find a way to – oh! Jen, do you have any idea where the Ankulen might be?”
  “I thought we had already come to the conclusion that your guess was as good as mine.” I gave her a pointed look.
- The Ankulen

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