Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Advice from my Characters

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Now, onto my regular programming ...

I've decided that since today is Valentine's Day and my personal experience when it comes it comes to romance is next to nil, I'd let my characters give their advice. Some of them took the opportunity to be humorous ... others decided to be serious about the subject. Some characters based their advice on something they actually said in the course of the book, others, I'm not sure where they got their advice. If you don't recognize a character, there are a few on here that I have not mentioned before, some are from future books in the Bookania Quests, others are from my side projects... anyways ... without further ado ...

Terrible picture, but it's the most romantic thing I could find
in my stash. I have a picture I drew of Clara and Andrew, but
I couldn't find that ...

(Ladies first, of course)

Robin: A sword is good for fending off annoying princes and irritating young lords. Unfortunately it doesn't prevent new ones from appearing.

Jen: He doesn't have to have shining armor to be your knight. A Robin Hood outfit works just as well.
(Not that she has a Love Interest. She doesn't ... she's talking about some of her imaginary friends)

Clara: Find someone who can make up for your weaknesses and you can make up for theirs. You don't have to exactly alike.

Serendipity: Judge not by first impressions. The Heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it?

Jill Anna: If you put a mistletoe muffin under your pillow at night, it's said that over the course of the next day, you'll meet the person you are to marry.

Maryanne: Dump a bucket of water on his head. It solves all problems.

Collie: You might be immune to love, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be noticed by men.

Love: Forget it.

Edna: There are two different types of love. Me-centered and other-centered. Me-centered love is a bad reason to get married.

Madeleine: If he gives you spiders and skunks, come up with creative ways to return the favor.

Analyssa: Find someone who'll stand by your side - oh, and take your mother's advise. Mothers are smart people.

Lillillil: Eat wizzle soup for supper.

Elsie: The moon blew up and turned pink!
(And she's not even my character! Well, not completely ...)

M'Kay, now, Gentlemen, you may have your turn! (Not as many of my guys volunteered for this, but anyways)

Andrew: Tread carefully.

Samson: If thy parents arrange thy marriage, it is best to content thyself with the girl they chose and not torment her with spiders and skunks. She might retaliate.

Eric: You don't necessarily have to go gallivanting all over the country looking for your enchanted princess. She may be hiding right under your nose.

Jakob: Girls are funny creatures, never say what the mean and you often can't make heads or tails out of them. Just nod and play along, and eventually she might make sense.

Rikkard: If you find yourself the tutor of a girl who's convinced your in love with you and her father's the king ... well there's little hope for you.


  1. Very good advice. Especially about the moon. Glad to know the reason behind it being pink, that makes me feel better.

  2. Very good, Kendra! And I applaud your ability to have any boys to give this sort of advice! All of my MC boys are young teenagers, still thinking girls are strange creatures from another planet. :)
    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. I like my boys, and I probably could have found a few more to force into giving advice ... but decided it wasn't worth the brain power.

      Most of my stories end up having some bit of romance in them, so it wasn't that hard.

    2. Most of my stories have a little, too, but not always the MC. Sometimes a older friend or relative or even the villian. :)

      ~Robyn Hoode

  3. Kendra, I thought I should warn you... mistletoe is poisoness. Something about mistletoe muffins up there. I wouldn't want you to poison someone!

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Mmm. Good point. That's why Jill Anna said to put it under your pillow, rather than eating them.

      (Actually, mistletoe in Rizkaland isn't exactly like our mistletoe, and it is possible to prepare them in such a way that they can be baked with and eaten, though it isn't recommended that you eat very many.)


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