Wednesday, October 26, 2016

LDTD Winners!

Greetings and solutions, everyone!

That was a smashing success of a party, I think at least, and now it's time for the good ol' prizes.

First off, the main prize goes to ...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Erudessa! Just email me with your mailing address and we'll be in business. Keep in mind, though, that I'm currently not working and therefore tight on money, so it'll probably be December before I'm able to send the package. But it'll be an awesome package when you do get it.

Now for the comment prize ...

There were two girls who both worked very hard for the prize, one with 66 comments and the other 74. So I've decided that I'll reward them both. Sarah, at second place, you'll get to alpha Worth of a King, while first place commenter Erika gets to read Love and Memory. You can expect your books in five chapter increments as I write them, though I do have something I can send you immediately, Erika.

Thank you all for making this a wonderful party, however!


  “That’s Clara’s ringtone,” Parker announced, as Andrew’s phone went off. “Guess she isn’t mad at you after all.”
  Andrew gave a sigh of relief as he flipped open his phone. “You all right Alyce?” he asked.
  “Yeah, fine, actually,” she answered. “Sorry about not answering ‘till now. I was … distracted. Forgot I had a phone.”
  “What happened?” Andrew asked, and then he glanced at the table and his brothers. “No, wait, hang on a moment.” Pulling the phone away, he addressed his brothers. “Quick recess in the back yard. Don’t kill each other.”
  He didn’t need to tell his brothers twice, though there was a comment of, “I think I might like Clara now,” from Kyle.
  “Don’t get used to recess every time she calls!” Andrew shouted after him, but they were all out of the door. He sighed as he positioned himself in front of the window to watch his brothers. 


  1. Congratulations all of you!

    That's a lot of comments. I kind of tried, but I doubt I had half that number.

    1. You were actually third place with 49. But I didn't have a third place prize.

    2. You can let me be a beta reader when the time comes. :)

  2. How exciting! Looking forward to LandM!

    And congrats to Erudessa and congrats to Sarah! Two rewards is a happy thought; while I did hope for the prize, I didn't want to beat Sarah out of it when she was obviously working just as hard. :) So yay! Hope you enjoy Worth, Sarah!

    Again, congrats on publishing LDTD!

  3. Congratulations Sarah and Erika!!!

    Thank you Kendra!! I'll email you later. It's going to be weird but awesome to actually hold the physical copy in my hands!!!

  4. Congrats, Erika and Erudessa! And thank you, Kendra! I'm super excited to read Worth! (Actually, I might be more excited for Worth than Love and Memory, even without the alpha reading thrown in . . .)
    Thanks for doing these giveaways and setting up the party! It's been awesome!


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