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The Stuff that Didn't Make It

LDTD went through a LOT of changes during its development, and changes mean that I tossed a LOT of things out. Stuff like it being winter, and the Snow Witch, and Jeptha the Giraffe.

Some of the ideas I tossed were truly stupid, but others ... others were actually pretty good. I just didn't have room for them.

The Power of a Name I knew from early on that I wanted some form of talking animal, but I didn't want to do it the same way that Narnia did it. So I had a brilliant idea - animals in Rizkaland could talk, but only if they were given a name. Also, they'd have a special bond with the person who named them. It didn't happen and I invented the Isle of Talking Beasts instead. But this is where Spiraldream and Greenhorn came from. Ashna had a rowanda named Swifthoof.

The Naming Ceremony I mentioned the Naming Ceremony over on the Goodreads Group yesterday. The naming ceremony was something that I think was created for the last script-draft, though it might have been the draft before, and it lasted until the final draft where it just ... didn't happen. (And also, it's to blame for the nasty bout of writer's block that resulted in evil plot twists.) Before the days where elves had boxes, instead they'd get their gifts somewhere in their childhood. And on their ... I don't remember which birthday, but it was before I made the elves' lifespans longer than humans' - they'd go with their parents to these tents set up in the middle of nowhere and receive their True Name, which would be based on their gift. Awesome concept, and I may use it again later, but it wasn't right for Rizkaland, I guess.

Ruklow and Delta Subplot. Delta and Ruklow are Ashna's younger/older half-brothers. (It's complicated. You'll understand if you read the book). But I had a subplot that was supposed to be a large part of the story, then didn't really show up involving the two of them and Ruklow working as something of a double agent and being on Amber's side. It was going to be exciting ... but I didn't have room for it.

More siblings! So have I mentioned that there were going to be ten main characters at one point? BEFORE I added Amber and Granite as POV's? Basically, Petra had two younger brothers, and Reuben had two more younger sisters. Now they've been moved over to cousin status, and the cousins I did have for them - Leslie, LeAnne, and I forget the names of the boys - were removed. LeAnne was recycled into the middle name of Clara and Andrew's youngest Rizkand daughter, though.

Different Powers. If you'll read the back of WPFP, you'll find a list of the Eight and their realms of control - which cover the four elements. But it wasn't always so. In fact, up until late in the writing of WPFP, it Helen and John had Plants and Insects, and Violet and Michael had Temperature and Seasons. Petra and Reuben were going to get Mammals, not Elieu, Summer and Tyler were going to receive Birds, and the other new king and queen would receive Wind, Water, and Gravity.

Actual Gifts! In WPFP, you met the kings and queens of Rizkaland, who had gifts like elves to mark them as Alphego's chosen heir. When Petra and Reuben and Co. get the necklaces that contain said gifts, it proves to be their powers mentioned above. However, this wasn't always going to be the case. Petra was going to get the ability to shrink. Reuben would be able to run extreemly fast. Summer first had the ability to walk on air, and then I changed it to immunity to fire. Tyler went through two, too. I forget the original, but the second was the ability to tell truth from lies. Robert could turn invisible. Edna (I'm getting into the extra siblings now), had the gift of dance - she did things faster and more efficiently if she was dancing. I forget Alex and Louise's gifts, but Quentin had the power of ventriliquism.

More Weapons. These days, the weapons belonging to the Eight and the ... I'm going to call them the Six ... are all in matching sets. A few of them *coughcough*thebowls*coughcough* are boderline ridculous. However, they pale in comparison to theweapons I had before, when they weren't all in matching sets. Petra still had a staff, but Reuben was going to weild a ball. Summer still had the bow, but Tyler was going to weild  ... a rope. Robert had a drum at first, but then switched with Quentin for the sling. Louise had a hoop. Edna had a flashlight. I won't get into all of the weapons of the Eight, because I don't remember most of them.

More Books. If my characters weren't overpowered enough with their weapons, gifts, and powers, at the end of the book, Jeptha gave each of them one last present - this one to aid with ruling. Petra and Reuben had a book that gave a basic rundown of everything that had happened in the kingdom in the last 24 hours. Robert and his then-love interest had a book that would give them specific information on anything they request. Summer and Tyler had a telescope. Edna and Alex had a stone that would show whatever scene they requested. (Although, in hindsight, why did they need the stone AND the telescope?), and Quentin and Louise had a music box that would play and conversation they requested. Again, I gave them to the characters at the END of the book. And then added several more scenes and invented Rintae Island for the sole purpose of showing the items in practice.

Hats and Shawls. Another thing I considered for the powers. Hats functioned as bottomless satchesls, and shawls could be used for flight.

Everyone gets a stick! This was a thing for a draft...



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  1. Wow! So many powers and abilities and gifts! It would be overwhelming...

    I like the extra Books though! :)

  2. Wow. This could have been interesting. So Ruklow was going to be on Amber's side? Wow.

  3. I actually kind of like the idea of the animals who can talk only if you name them. Do you plan to use that in another book? Because if not, I may store it away to use it in a book of my own sometime, with your permission.

    Also, the Ruklow and Delta subplot would've been interesting. But I can see why it got cut.

  4. I'm glad you made the choice to not put those things in. There's some good ideas, but, it's full.
    I am looking forward to the book, where we meet Alex and Edna and Quentin and Louise. (Some how I can't order them in sibling pairs. it just doesn't work.)Npt as much as I am o some of the other, but there' something alluring about meeting new characters that I know almost nothing about. Even though I don't see how they can be better than the one's you've already introduced.


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