Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Character Encounters - October 2014

It's hard to believe that I've been hosting these Character Encounters for two years now, but I have. Since it's October, it's time to change the theme. The first year, all locations were from around the town. The second year, I did places from around the house. (There were exceptions on both, but I apologize)

So what's the theme this year?

I think ya'll are going to like it.

This year, you will be encountering your characters in fictional locations. I'll try to pick well-known worlds, of course, and I think we'll have some fun.

First stop?


That's right, folks! You get to encounter your beloved character in Narnia itself. I thought it a fitting location, since it is the world got me serious about writing, and because I picked up an all-in-one edition at my library's for-sale rack yesterday for a dollar.

You can place your encounter at any point in Narnian history, and in any location, including the other countries surrounding Narnia. Your character can be a visitor like yourself, or you can challenge yourself by working your character into the scenery. Or you can work yourself into the scenery and just have the character visiting.

Basically, have fun, and maybe you'll learn a thing or three about your character.

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  1. Ooo, cool! I love this new theme! Maybe I'll get my encounter up earlier than the last day of the month this time around.


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