Saturday, June 1, 2013

Character Encounter - June 2013

And now we have arrived in the merry month of June and I'm waiting for the pilgrims to arrive.

Bookania day is coming quickly, and Cousin Tenya is coming over today and she says she's bringing the full cover art on a key, so we'll be in business. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that the short story will be ready in time. Grr ... Writer's block. I know exactly what I want to have happen ... but ...

Wait! I have an idea! Yes, I think this is good. Well, we'll see if this can get the story written and ready! (oh, and I'll need one or two critiques who'll be able to turn edits back to me within a day or two. It'll be a short story, maybe 5,000 or so words)

Oh, and so far, Robin and Robert haven't received a single interview, (except for one promised one). Please hurry up and send yours. They would much prefer to not be swamped at last moment!

Anyways, you're here to find out where you're going to encounter your character.

Back in January I had you encounter your character at a fast food. Now I want you to do it at a sit-down restaurant. I don't care whether it's a buffet or a place where you have to order. Both are good.

So go for, my friends, and encounter!


  1. Hi, Kendra,
    I found your blog via Miss Melody Muffin and am intrigued with your Character Encounters. I've been in a writing slump for...longer than I care to admit :-P...and these seem like a good exercise to get my creative juices flowing again. Would you mind awfully if I did the previous ones as well as this one?

    God bless, and happy writing!
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~
    (a fellow scribbler)

    1. Sure, go ahead and do last month's too. As long as you have the link into the linkup before it closes (which won't be for another four days) you're good!

    2. Turns out I won't have time to do last month's CE after all--thanks, though. Brilliant idea, BTW--looking forward (Lord willing!) to doing more of these in the future.


  2. If April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring? ..... Yeah, I got your joke. LOL


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