Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Character Encounter - May 2012

Well, April showers are supposedly over, so now we get to have those lovely May flowers and next month ... PILGRIMS!!!!!

Sorry, I was studying the colonial period yesterday.

The pilgrims were quite interesting people, actually. They wanted religious freedom, so they moved to Holland, but they didn't like the idea of their children growing up Dutch (can't imagine why, though) and so they liquidated all of their stuff to buy stock from the London Company so that it would fund their way to the New World.

Fun, huh.

Oh, but you didn't come here to learn about the Pilgrims, but about where you're next going to encounter your character?

Oh, fine.

This month, thou shalt meet thy character ...

At the Electronic's Store!

Yes, I have my lack of computer issues on the brain, so ... you get to meet your character at an electronic's store. I don't care which one, Best Buy, Home Depot ... even the electronic's section of Wal-mart.

Just have fun - and don't let your character break anything.

(I'll post mine tomorrow ... if I can get a computer before I go to babysit tonight ... My brain's to frazzled to think of anything creative right now.)

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  1. Evidently the pilgrim's left Holland because the Dutch kids were having a bad influence on the English kids. xD I feel somewhat ashamed of my Dutch heritage.

    Oooo the electronic's store! That's gonna be fun! Now to decide which character to encounter...


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