Monday, May 6, 2013

CE Electronics - Lillillil

"Where is it ..." I mutter, glancing at the ad in my hand for the third time, then back at the row of computers. "Are they out? And this was a really good deal!"

"Hello, firstborn, may I help you?"

I whirl around to face the speaker ... and, well, she's dressed as one of the workers at Office Depot ... but there's something about her that is most definitely not human. Maybe its the shape of her eyes, or her height (or lack thereof) ... or maybe it's the fact that, somehow, I think I can feel her emotions.

Right now, she's extremely excited.

"Um, firstborn?" I ask. I know that it's rude to stare, but ... she's not like anyone I've ever seen before.

"Well, you are a human from Earth, are you not?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow as her emotions shift to curiosity. "And Earth is the firstborn of creation, making the humans the firstborn of all who serve Yova. The fear of Yova is about you, how is it that you don't know this."

That's when I notice her name tag. It reads Lillillil.

"Wait ... are you the Silion Princess that Elsie told me about the last time I visited the Library?" I ask. I have no idea how she would have hoodwinked her way here, since her time is before the Alisili develop space travel, but ... then again. She's a Silion. They follow their own rules.

"Well, I am a Silion, and I am a Princess," she confirmed, tilting her head to one side. "But I don't know about Elsie or this Library. Is Elsie a human like you? Or is she a Silion? Perhaps an Alivock?"

"Uhhh ... she's half Silion ... and half ... only she knows. She's not a drop human, though."

"Oh, so you know about Silions!"

"Yes, I do. I simply never expected to meet you, Lillillil, and especially not here."

"Oh, well, I never expected to come here, to visit the humans. But these computers! I'm going to invent the computer, you know."

"Yes, I do know," I said. "Or, at least, that's what Elsie claimed."

"And you're looking for a computer?"

"Yep. Mine broke in December, and I need a new one, so I can write your story."

"My story?"

"Elsie is telling it to me and wants me to share it with the humans, but I need a computer again to write it. I had the money for one - but they seem to be sold out."

"How much do you have?"

I told her how much, and reminded her that, in the human world, we have to pay a tax. She nods, then scans down the aisle, landing on a yellow tag. "Look, firstborn, this one is only 235! You can afford that, can't you?"

I quickly rush over to her and examine tag myself. It's a clearance tag for a much more expensive computer - one that had been way over my price limit. I smile. This will do perfectly. I call my dad over to look at it, and when I turn back to Lillillil, she's gone.

And yes, folks! I have a new computer! It's a Lenovo, and, according to my dad, that's the company that bought out IBM. I got the last one available, and for way under my price limit. Last night, dad and I swung by Walmart after church (mom wanted fried chicken for supper) and I found the cutest mouse. (My old mouse died several months before the computer did) so I'm on top of the world! (especially since I typed nearly 5,000 words into the Ankulen, and wrote a couple hundred into the notebook yesterday)

Oh, and I'm sure you're interested, my new computer is named Black Violet. She's black, you see, and I chose a purple color scheme for the inside. Her keyboard makes the most productive sound when I type.

And, before I forget, if thou wishest to join in with the Character Encounters, just hop over here.

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  1. Hee hee nice story! I love Lillillil's name, even if it is kind of hard to read/type. But it's unique and cool.

    I'm glad you got a new computer for such a good price! And a new mouse... And so much work done on The Ankulen!

    I don't think the Home Depot's in my area have an electronics section either... But on their website they were selling TVs and computers so I figured, hey, in imagination land, anything can happen! Somewhere out there is a Home Depot that has TVs and computers.


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