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You Do Have Your Speech Prepared?

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Time for Snippets! My writing was pitiful last month, I must confess. Most of what I did write wasn't exactly genius material, and what was genius tended to be portions of the story that I would much rather keep under lock and key. Not only that, a good deal of my writing was in notebooks, for Water Princess, Fire Prince, and therefore isn't as easy to just copy paste it.

That said, going over what I wrote, I found a surprising number of stuff I could post. So, anyways, here you go.

Note, Snippets are hosted by Katie on her blog, Whisperings of the Pen. If you're interested in joining the insanity.

  “I’m not scared of Dr. Frost,” countered Roxanne, not in the mood for their long-running joke.
  “Most people who have been captured by a super villain twenty-seven times …”
  “I’ve been captured far more than twenty-seven times.”
  “The fact still remains, most people who have been captured as many times as you have would be afraid of the super villain.”
  “Actually, you’d be surprised. Most people who have been captured as much as I have aren’t most people. They were never scared in the first place, and each subsequent capture only serves to make them less afraid.”
- HaV Academy

  During the Great Depression, it was not an unusual thing for a small baby to be left on the doorstep of an orphanage by parents unable to provide for the tiny life. It was not even unusual for multiple children to be found at the same time.
  But it was unusual for them to be found wrapped in silk blankets, with jeweled necklaces around their necks.
- The New Division

(Jasmine is walking backwards)
  "Keep that up and you may find yourself falling off a cliff again," the Fire Prince pointed out.
  Jasmine blinked and glanced behind her. "I don't think there cliffs inside the Kastle."
  "Well, even if there aren't, you could still run into someone."
- Water Princess, Fire Prince Notebook Version

  “Hey! I almost had him across!”
  “Well, he’s back at the beginning now.”
  “Hmmmm … well let’s see how you like this one …”
  The voices were muffled behind the curtain, but one was unmistakable as Robin’s. Eric didn’t even hesitate before he pulled back the curtain to see Robin and a brown-haired young man that Eric recognized as her cousin, Edward. The two were seated across from each other at a small table, on which sat a chess board. On said chessboard were chess pieces, but the game that was being played was unlike any game of chess Eric had ever seen before.
- Do You Take This Quest?

  Ian Dially sighed and walked over a put a hand on his daughter’s shoulder. “No one likes going to HaV Academy. If they do … they need their priorities straightened.”
  “The people who run HaV Academy need to get their priorities straightened,” said Roxanne.
- HaV Academy

  As they resumed their trek through the halls, he added, "You do have your speech prepared, don't you?"
  Andrew froze and glanced at the Water Princess, who looked equally bewildered. "Uh ... speech?"
  "Your address to your subjects, of course," explained the Wind Prince, as if the answer were obvious. "I take it you have not then? Very well, I suppose you'll have to come up with something on the fly."
- Water Princess, Fire Prince Notebook Version 

  “They rule our lives, Will. Our home, our greatest enemy, our best friend … and we can’t rebel.”
- HaV Academy 

  Their King is a man called Yoan by the other peoples. He is a great, powerful Alatian, but his greatest pride is his approachability. Anyone may come to him with any petition, at any time of day. His other title is the Alatian word for Father. His wife is called Queen Veyla, and she puts as much pride on her mothering as her husband puts on fathering. Her other title is the Alatian word for mother. They have no children of their own, however, a fact they mourn.
- Some world building for The Nine Gems of Virtue.

  A solitary tear slipped out of her eye as she made her way through the labyrinth of tunnels that she had made in the mountain. She’d not see him for another four years either. And she’d be changed. For good or evil, she’d be changed.
  She’d no longer be simply Roxanne Jade Dially. She’d be a hero … or a villain.
  And she didn’t know which one she dreaded more.
-  HaV Academy

If you want to know the story behind the titles and snippets, check out my WIP page.

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