Thursday, November 29, 2012

Do You Take This Cover Art!!!

Today ... You finally get to see the lovely picture that Brooke painted for Take's Cover art. I'm not going to show you the actual cover (Haven't seen it myself yet, and probably doesn't even exist, I only just shipped the picture off to Cousin Tenya.)

Soooooooooooo ......

Wait, no, that's not Brooke's Painting. That's my Drawing.

Let's try this again.


Let's try again?


Can we all be glad that my pictures will not be the ones on the cover?

Okay, let's try this one more time ....

Ah, there we go. Oh, I can just stare at this all day long. I want it framed and on my wall. This is the picture that will form the background of Take's cover art.

And we all give Brooke our hearty thanks.

Or BroYo, as she wants to be called.

Question for readers of Sew. Which Sword do you think is who's?


  1. LOVELY!!! Tell her she did get well! I want to eat a piece of the cake...

    Did I tell you, I think I forgot...but I was able to buy your book!! I am very excited to begin it. (I just need to finish a few others first. Before I start reading seven or so books at once.)


  2. I think the one with the swirlies is Robert's, and the other one is Robin's?
    Wait, is that the right book?
    I'm almost finished with Sew - I've been sidetracked a coupla times ;)

    1. Um, no. Robert hasn't had a sword since they were six. But one is Robin's. ;)

      There is no right answer to the question, though. I have my opinion, but I'm not going to say it until later.

  3. Amazing picture!!

    I'm guessing the red and gold sword is Eric's and the silver sword is Robin's.

    Do they use the swords to cut the wedding cake? (My friend and her husband actually did that at her wedding last summer.)


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