Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A reason to be Thankful

((Note: Amazon may not have changed the prices yet. If you pull up the link and the prices are still 3.99 and 2.99, come back later. They should all be changed by tomorrow, unless you live outside of the US.)

This is the time of year that everyone has large notebooks out and are frantically scribbling down every reason they're thankful.

(Or is that just me? Oh, nevermind.)

Anyways, I'm going to give ya'll yet another thing to add to your lists.

 99 cents.

You read that right - the Kindle version of Sew, It's a Quest is available for only 99 cents. For how long? I haven't decided yet. Probably until Christmas.

But ... I think I'll make ya'll even more thankful!

 99 cents.

Yup, I've got the short story collection for only 99 cents too. How long? See Sew. 

Hummm..... oh, I know of one more thing I can do!


Yes, actually I'd been planning this for some time now, unlike the others which were impromptu.

So, what are ya'll waiting for ... oohhhhhhh!!!!

I just thought of something else!

I've decided to drop the prices of the paperbacks, as well!!

Saffron's Big Plan  $4.50 

You can get the Short Story Collection for less than five dollars! 

Sew, It's a Quest $5.99

And Sew is only a dollar and a half more!

(BTW, if you get a paperback, I do ask that you buy it through Createspace. My royalty there is about a dollar more than from Amazon, and I'd be getting next to nothing from Amazon thanks to the reduced prices.)

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  1. Okay, this is important. HOW do I get it off CreateSpace? I have been wondering how to sell some of mine from there when it is out, for the same reasons you have. I might have to go with the Kindle ones though.
    Anyways, Hurray! This is exciting news!


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