Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Yarn

The title of my blog is Knitted by God's Plan. This is because I love to knit. One of the most important part of Knitting is yarn. In fact, if there was no yarn, there would be no knitting. You can knit without needles (it's called finger knitting, very awkward, and all you can make is rope, but it is still knitting. Or you could use a knitting circle, a spool knitter, a knitting machine or skewers. I have used all but the machine ... and the only reason I haven't used a machine is because I haven't figured out how to cast mine on yet.), but you can't knit without some sort of yarn. True, you can use ribbon or plastic bags ... but I lump everything that you can wrap around those needles and loop together in the happy category of yarn.

There are so many types of yarn. I have a toy box full of it. There are the cheep yarns, which tend to be a bit coarser and thinner, there are baby yarns that are soft and thick, there is fun fur ... Fun fur is my particular favorite. It's so much fun. It's harder to crochet with (I love crocheting, too. I usually make my fake food with crochet), as it is harder to see the holes, so I mostly knit with it. You can use ribbon, or if you're really desperate, you can cut plastic bags into loops, link them together, and crochet or knit with them. I'm making a mat out of plastic bags right now.

All in all, I'm so thankful for yarn. I'm glad God gave man the ingenuity to come up with it!

A yarn Ice Cream Cone I made.

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