Monday, February 6, 2012

Memory Monday - Keep the Balloon in the Air and Don't Pop it.

There once was a girl who was four or five years old, and she was at a birthday party for a friend of her's. It had been a fun party, but the person who was running the party had run out of things for the kids to do, and everyone was getting bored, and there was still quite a bit of time before all the parents would be coming back and picking all of the kids up.

The little girl was a creative little girl, however, and knew the perfect cure for everyone's boredom. There were lots of balloons just sitting around - filled with regular air, not helium. The little girl came up with a brilliant game! They could play keep the balloon in the air!

And so, until the end of the party, they played keep the balloon in the air. However, there were so many balloons popped, that the little girl had to add a second part to the game the next day, making the name of the game Keep the Balloon in the Air and Don't Pop it.

This game continued to be one of the girl's favorite games, and she would play it whenever she had a balloon that wasn't full of helium.

Now when the little girl had her sixth birthday, she had her party at her church. The big teenagers were blowing up balloons and goofing off, and came up with a game for them to play. Unfortunately, they wouldn't listen to the little girl. The little girl kept trying to say that she had already invented this game, that she had already given it a name - Keep the Balloon in the Air and Don't Pop it.

The little girl was upset, it was her party, after all, shouldn't they be listening to her.

Nevertheless, they didn't. But she never gave up claim to inventing the game. To this day, it is one of her favorites.

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