Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Grandparents

I have three living grandparents and a step-grandmother. I am thankful for all of them.

Grandma, who I usually abbreviate to Gma on my blog, is my paternal grandmother. She's the one who proofreads my books for me. She mastered and minored in Bible and Business in college, and as a result ... became the church secretary. She's not the secretary anymore, though. She's now the church librarian.

Grandpa, or Gpa, the grandparent I was named after. He used to teach math at the local college, but has since retired. He loves fishing, and running, and often takes me to races. He tends to just 'pick up things' and he's always bringing home the most interesting thing. He also likes to collect things for you - and has probably provided at least half of my nutcracker, giraffe and ladybug collections - especially the more unusual ones.

Papa, my mom's dad, is a mechanic, who's recently retired. We used to call him Poppy, but when my cousin couldn't say Poppy right, and Papa liked being called Papa better, we've called him that. He has a tendency to tell stories that ... may or may not be true. And he tells them so earnestly, you often wonder. He had my sister convinced that she would grow up into 'a dirty old man'

Grammy died almost three years ago. We still miss her, but we've learned to cope. She was an adoptive woman, and there were plenty more than just her own grandkids who called her Grammy. She would had been Grammy to the world if it had been possible.

Mimi is Papa's new wife, who he married last year. She's a sweet lady, doesn't say much, but we like her.

I'm thankful for all of my grandparents.

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