Wednesday, October 24, 2018

7 Reasons to Read Red as Snow

And it's here! Red as Snow, the next edition in the fun and funky Twists of Adventure. This one is mixing up Snow White and is more of a political intrigue than it is an adventure, but it's still tons of fun. I mean, I wrote it. Fun is a guarantee here.

And now, for seven reasons that you DEFINITELY need to go read the book. Right now, if you can.

1. It's short. Only 7,500 words, so it's not a huge investment of your time. Unlike Lady Dragon, Tela Du, whose read will not have to sacrifice a third of their life. You're welcome.

2. Rose is the most incorrigible lost little ray of sunshine that I've written since Nadilynn The Worth of a King. But this time the book is from HER point of view as she's trying to navigate the uncertainty of her life.

3. Because this is Snow White as you've never seen the story before. Because Snow's the one who must get her young, pretty stepmother out of the way.

4. Because you NEED to see Charmel get his comeuppance. The snake.

5. It's a sibling story, not a romance. Because I love sibling stories and seven older brothers in place of seven dwarves is the way to go.

6. Because it does have an adorable romance in it. It might not be the focus, but it is adorable. And not a love-at-first-sight.

7. It's only 99 cents on Amazon. Go pick it up.


  1. I really loved it, it's such a fun read!

  2. Excellent reasons. I can't believe I didn't see the similarities between Rose and Nadi until you pointed them out, though.


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