Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Word from Maryanne


Me, Maryanne, daughter of Robin and Eric (so excited to finally be able to admit that), here posting in lieu of Kendra because, for some odd reason, Kendra doesn't know what to talk about today. So I'm talking instead.

I'm going to share with you some facts about Bookania that I'm pretty sure you don't know yet, although Kendra tells me that I have to be very careful to not share spoilers, so I can't tell you that Aunt Adelaide ... Oh. Kendra's giving me the look.

- I'm going to be the main or at least a major character in a lot of books. Starting with the next one you get. I can't tell you the exact number of books, though, mostly because that's a number and .... numbers.

- Maid Marian actually knew my mother as a child. Her uncle had sent her to be my grandmother's companion when she (my grandmother) married my grandfather.

- The Ichor berries that Kimberley brings up in My Kingdom for a Quest was actually one of the first bits of worldbuilding Kendra did for Bookania, although it wasn't technically Bookania at the time. Kendra was writing a random story about two girls who ran away from slavery and hid out in the woods, and one of the girls did herbs.

- Kendra has several AU's for Bookania, one of which you will get to see in the series. Not a pretty world that one.

- I had a double inspiration. A Greek myth inspired my adult form, and Kendra's baby sister inspired my baby form. Kendra later decided to combine the two characters into me. And, no, you can't know which myth I am, because that won't happen for a long time.

- Kendra is really mean to me on my birthdays. Well, they're kinda nice, because I learn a new language in its entirety, but I get really nasty headaches when it happens.

- My favorite adventure was the one where I convinced Love to run away from home with me.

- Least favorite would be the one where I had to fix the curse I'd accidentally placed on a girl. Well, she'd already been cursed, I just made it worse.

- I'm dyslexic like my Aunt Madeleine. It helps me pick up languages faster, but it also meant that it took me forever to figure out how reading works.

- But since figuring it out, you can't take my nose out of a book. When I'm not adventuring, that is.

- I have a magic bucket. Kendra says I won't get it in the actual story but ... we'll see. I love my magic bucket.

Also, do head over to Erika's blog for an interview with my Uncle Dick (who isn't really my uncle, but I like him, so I call him that anyway). And you can get Sew It's a Quest and the Prior Quest for free! They're both great books, so far as I'm concerned, I mean, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the first one, so go and read them!


  1. 'Tis lovely to finally meet you Maryanne. I am very much looking forward to reading your story/stories.

  2. Dia dhuit,* Maryanne! :-D

    Lovely to meet you officially, and looking forward to reading more about you in future. :-D

    Your interaction with Kendra cracks me up. :-P And I hear you about numbers. Tricksy things, numbers....


    * Dia dhuit (pronounced jee-ah gwit) = Irish Gaelic: "Hello"/ "God be with you"

  3. Guten Tag, Maryanne. A pleasure to meet you officially, as others have said. And this post was very amusing to read . . .
    Question: is the numbers difficulty related to the dyslexia? Or a Gift?

    1. Her numbers difficulty is due to her gift - her incredible skill with language creating a deficit in her ability to math.


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