Thursday, October 29, 2015

Who Wants to Party?

As some of you know, it's been nearly ten years since I began the Rizkaland Legends. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure when we sat down and decided to make a better Narnia movie, but I do know that (1) it was about the time the first Narnia movie came out, and (2) school was out of session at the time. Christmas/New Years feels right, so that's when I'm going to celebrate.

(My other option was summer some time, but since I'm going to be celebrating Sew's fifth birthday then, and then plunging into LDTD's publication ... hopefully ...)

So I'm planning a party. It will run from December 25th through to December 31st. There will be a lot of Rizkaland-themed goodness. The main giveaway will be an Alpha-read of the (hopefully) newly-finished Lady Dragon, Tela Du. This will be a random drawing, though I won't be using rafflecopter this time. I'll be using my good old system of tally marks and, because I want to tailor this giveaway to the party. How to get entries in the contest will consist of participation in the games, comments on blog posts, and such and so forth. I'll be letting you know what gets how many points.

For instance, any blog comment on my blog on any Rizkaland-tagged post during that week (ANY post in my blogging history) will earn you an entry.
Taking the picture at the top of this post, putting it on your sidebar, and linking it to this post, will earn you two points.
Having written a review for Water Princess, Fire Prince, will earn you a four points, and an extra point for everywhere you post it. (So if you have it on your blog, Amazon, and Goodreads, that's seven points!) I do require that you email me with a link to each review you have written, so I can tally them.

As for contests, I know I'm going to hold a fanart contest. This is something you need to start working on NOW because the deadline is the 25th. There will be four winners chosen: Three category winners based on Skill, Interpretation, and Uniqueness, and a Grand Prize.

Skill: Basically what it says. The picture that shows the greatest skill.
Interpretation; This is the picture that has the greatest interpretation of the story, whether it be characters a landscape, or such.
Uniqueness: This is for the most unique bit of art. Doesn't have to be a drawing. Have fun with this one!
Each category prize will win a $5 Amazon Gift Card, as well as a chance to read Part 1 of LDTD. (But no more!)
The Grand Prize: This is for the picture that is the best at all three. This one's prize will be a boxed set of the BBC versions of the Narnia movies, as well as a chance to read Part 1 AND 2 of LDTD.

You can send multiple entries.

I haven't decided yet whether or not to do a fanfiction contest, because I'm not sure there are enough people who would do this. So I've determined to leave the decision to you guys. If you want me to do a fanfic contest, send me a fanfic of 1,000 to 5,000 words. If I get at least three fanfics, I'll hold the contest. Otherwise, I'll just post what I get on the AA blog during the party. If I do get enough entries, the prize will be a autographed copy of Water Princess, Fire Prince.

Due to money restraints, this will probably be the only copy of the book that I'll give away. I'm sorry, folks, but I'm looking at my projected finances for the next two months, and my money is going to be tight. I have some large purchases that I need to make, as well as Christmas, and I've requested fewer hours at work next month, so I can Lady Dragon, Tela Du written.

Moving on, and on the subject of the AA blog, I'll be posting at least three or four never-before-read snippets on that blog over the course of the party, on the theme of Rizkaland. So far I have planned Amber and Granite's wedding/coronation, Andrew and Clara's arrival in the Kastle from the Wind Prince's POV, and Clara and Andrew's first date in the real world. For those of you who don't know, the AA blog is a secret blog I have for those who have read my books and want to know those little bits that are in my head, but will probably never make it into the official books. To gain access, all you need to do is email me with your request, and have read either all three of the Bookania Quests, or WPFP.

On this blog, I'll posting snippets from old drafts that have been long since retired, not to mention the FIRST CHAPTER of book 2. I may also post the first chapter of part 2. We'll see how it goes. I haven't written it yet, so I don't know how many spoilers it's going to have.

There will also be a Character Q&A, over here on this blog, where I'm going to corral all of the Rizkaland characters and force them to answer the questions that YOU submit. You can submit them either in email, or on the appropriate character thread on the Goodreads Group. Each question you submit will earn you an entry for the giveaway.

I'm also going to host a character dress-up exhibition. You may dress up as any Rizkan character you like, email me a picture, and I'll post at some point during the party. You may dress up as up to three characters, and you can earn five points for each picture you send me.

I'm also going to try out vlogging this week. Five to seven videos of me talking about Rizkan-related stuff. I might review Narnia media in this video as well.

There won't be a Facebook, as I stand after NaNo with still two parts unwritten, I won't have time to plan a party for Facebook. Perhaps next year.

Two more things, ways you can convince me to give away more prizes: First of all, if you glance at my sidebar, you'll notice that my Followers box has 86 people. If there are 100 shiny faces in that box by the time the party ends (December 31st), then I'll add a second Alpha Giveaway Winner to the main giveaway. Also, if the Rizkaland fangroup is 50 people strong by the end of said party, I'll give a signed copy of the book away to a random member. This requires 28 more members ...

Sound good to you guys? Good. Comment below with any questions or suggestions you might have.


  1. Sounds fabulous. *nods* Parties- especially ones involving giveaways- are always fun. :D
    I want a fanfic contest but I also don't entirely because NaNo. You know how it is. But CHARACTER Q&A. That is literally one of my favorite things in the book-partying-world.

  2. AHAHAHA YAY. I'm very excited about this. Did someone say dress up? *squeals*
    This sounds so amazing. I say yes to a Facebook party, but I'll have to hijack my mom's account... I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE CLARAND DATE ON AA. LIKE YES. Fanfiction...I will do something I think. I hope.

  3. This sounds great. I will try to write a fanfic. I like the idea of a facebook party, but it's a busy time of year. I'll be away without internet for the first half of the week and not have a heap of free time the rest of it, We'll see though.

  4. AWESOME! I'm starting my fanart already! And sadly, I don't have facebook. :( But... I'd love to do a fanfic!!

  5. Wooo! Party! You always hold the best blog parties. I'll be eagerly following along, though I'm not sure how active I will be able to be in it.

  6. PartyPartyParty! Whoo!

    Time to get started on my fan art...and think up some Character Questions....

    God bless, and Happy Writing,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  7. I think this to be a splendid idea! I started some fan art a while back, so this be perfect. ;)
    A Facebook party would also be awesome!

  8. I can't wait!!! :D

  9. Can we submit multiple fanfics? Thanks!

    1. You can, but I'll need submissions from at least three different people in order to hold a contest.

    2. Okay, thanks! I'm just finishing them. up.


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