Monday, March 2, 2015

Character Encounters - March 2015

Okay, Character Encounter time again.

First of all, before we move onto our regular programming, I am looking for Beta readers for part one of Water Princess, Fire Prince, details and sign-up form here. So far, only three people have signed up (and one of them's my sister, and I'm not sure she counts), and I'd like to have more people read at least this section. I'm almost done with my personal edits, and hope it out later today or tomorrow.

Now, onto your Character Encounter location. This one's really fun, and I can't wait to see what all of you do with it. (Provided you guys join in. I've been feeling rather lonely of late)

Your choice!

That's right, folks. Since I'm rather brain-dead from editing, writing, and book-releasing, I'm just going to turn you loose with a free range. You can choose from any location from a past CE link-up, and encounter your character there. Here's a list!

For a bonus level, try encountering a character you've encountered before, but in a new location! And, if you feel the urge to do multiple encounters while you have the power of choice, have fun. I won't stop you. Just deposit all of your links below!

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  1. I feel so badly for not participating the past few months... I think I may encounter my character in Bookania, because I had a really good idea for that one.


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