Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WP,FP Part 1 Beta sign-up!

I told you that I'd be issuing a form for you to fill out if you're interested in beta-ing part one of Water Princess, Fire Prince, and here it is. Anyone and everyone can fill this out, even if this is your first time here. There are no "right" answers (as long as they're accurate), and while I won't promise you that I'll send out a copy to everyone who volunteers, since this is just part one, I'm prepared to be a bit more liberal. After all, if I can whet your appetite, you might actually buy the book when it comes out, right?

Info for Part 1:
Aprox. 30,000 words
11 Chapters
Main Character: Clara
Blurb: Thrust into a unfamiliar world and given the unfamiliar title of Water Princess, Clara has no idea what these people expect of her. Should she trust them with her skills, or should she keep them secret just in case?

Estimated date of send-out: First week of March ... though if you sign up mid-June, I'll probably still send this to you.
When Do I need Feedback? By mid-July. However, the sooner you get your feedback to me (and the more detailed it is) the more likely I am to include you for the subsequent four parts.

Can you get credit for it on Goodreads? Sure! Add it to your bookshelf here!

And, to make you more eager to sign up and get your chance to read: Snippets!!!

  Clara clenched her teeth, and then with a show of more exertion than she actually gave, pulled the string back about two inches and let go.
  Needless to say, it did not hit the target at the other end of the field.
  “How was that?” she asked, turning to her instructor with a hopeful smile.
  “You … show potential, milady,” he said, though she suspected that this was a great admission on his part. He strode the three feet that the arrow had flown (or fallen) and picked it up. “Let’s try it again.”
  So Clara again set the arrow to the string, this time mostly properly – she didn’t want Sir Rigel to see her as too stupid, after all – though she fumbled quite a bit, partly thanks to her cold fingers, and the end of her arrow was about three inches higher on the string that it was supposed to be.
  “How’s this?” she asked, hopefully.
  “You are improving,” said Sir Rigel, just as she dropped the arrow.


  “When I open my eyes, I will be back in my own bed, and this Water Princess business will have all been just a bad dream.”
  Clara opened her eyes to find herself staring up at the velvet curtains of the canopy bed that was in the Blue Room. She rolled her eyes, then squeezed them shut again.
  “Let’s try this again. In any normal situation, I would be waking up back at home and I would not be a prophesied hero who has to fight a crazy dragon lady.”
  She opened her eyes again. Still in the canopy bed.
  Sighing, she sat up. Obviously, this was a bit more than just a dream. Frowning, she pulled back a corner of the curtain, only to be hit by a blast of cold air. “Oh, that’s right,” she muttered. “It’s winter here.”


  “Well,” said Lord Erik, “have you done any training with a bow and arrow, perhaps with a knife? I know this may seem like a strange question, you being a girl and all.”
  Oh, please. “Do you really expect me, a young girl to know how to use a weapon?” she asked. “Besides, where I come from, we barely even use those sorts of weapons anymore.” She paused a moment, then added, “I can throw my shoe at mouse kings, but that’s probably about it.”
  “Unfortunately, our problem is a bit bigger than a mouse king,” said Lord Erik, sounding a trifle confused as he narrowed his eyes. “Really? Because mouse kings can be huge problems, eating all of the sweets and chewing holes in dresses,” said Clara in her best shocked voice, layering in plenty of concern. “What could be worse than that?”


And if you're that sort of person and would like to start helping me promote, I've made a button of sorts that you can put on your sidebars. Link it to this search label: http://knittedbygodsplan.blogspot.com/search/label/Water%20Princess%20Fire%20Prince

The sword, by the way, is Clara's. I drew it myself and am quite proud of it, though it'll probably go through a few more drafts before I have what I want for my cover art. Enjoy!

Within the next few weeks, I'll be gearing into its promotion with world-building and character spotlight posts. You won't want to miss it!

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