Thursday, February 19, 2015

Game Day in Bookania!

I thought about developing some sort of tournament for all of you to compete in, but I realized that the logistics would be far too complicated on my poor brain, so I've opted for some much safer games. First of all, I've set up a "Which Character Are You?" Quiz of sorts. Just the girls, since I was limited to eight characters, and I actually had found pictures for all of the girls. (Can't quite say the same for my boys, but we'll dwell on that later.)

Do go take it, I'll wait. Back? All right - who did you get? Let me know in the comments. I ... don't personally remember who I got, as I took it several times to test out the options. I know Robin and Doranna were frequent.

Also, I have a quiz on goodreads to test your knowledge of Sew, It's a Quest. It's actually a year or two old, but it's still good. I meant to do up a quiz for Take, but didn't get around to making it. Let me know how you score!

And now to the fun stuff!

As some of you may remember, back when I published Take, I had a mad-lib as part of the party, and it was a smashing success, so I'm going to do it again this year. Just comment with words to fit the quota, and tomorrow I'll put up the post with all of your versions of the snippet I've chosen - have fun with it!

Unit of time:
Military position:
Form of Punishment:

My stops on the tour today are:

Singin' My Own Song: Guest Post - Writing Tips - Which actually turned into a post on how NOT to write a book. I have no regrets.
Rivershore Books: Character Interview - Arthur - where Arthur invites his interviewer to a ball.

And Sew is no longer free (though it's still only 99 cents, as is Kingdom), but there are three other books that still are!


  1. Haha, I got Robin! I was NOT expecting that!

    Here are my Mad Lib answers:

    Unit of time: One month (or, a month, depending on the blank...)
    Food: Omelet
    Sound: Creaky stairs
    Military position: Lieutenant
    Adjective: Daring
    Female: (I take it this means any female...?) Taylor Swift
    Object: Dictionary
    Form of Punishment: Tar and feathering

  2. I was Robin. I told my sister, "Hey, that means I get Eric!" ;)

    My answers (I just love Mad Libs):

    Unit of time: millisecond
    Food: macaroni and cheese
    Sound: kaboom
    Military position: field surgeon
    Adjective: slimy
    Female: Rose Tyler
    Object: peanut butter jar
    Form of Punishment: playing Barney songs

  3. Eh...also Robin. I notice a theme here. (And I haven't gotten very far into Sew, but I've already gotten the idea of Robin's personality...I don't know, I don't consider myself a violent and wild person. But I would be dancing at the ball, despite shyness--because I love dancing. And I do act before I think...)


    Unit of time: a century
    Food: French bread
    Sound: Sploosh!
    Military position:
    Adjective: capricious
    Female: A name, or a person...? Let's go with both. Name: Elizabeth Swanson. Actual person: Jackie Kennedy.
    Object: brick
    Form of Punishment: the stocks!

    1. Hmm ... everyone seems to be getting her. I wonder which questions are tilting in her favor (I'm suspicious of the Disney movie, dream prince, and possibly the animal questions, because the good answers tilt towards her ...)

      But Robin isn't really violent, though she'll make threats, actually, she's terrified at the thought of drawing blood. She is VERY active though, and the sword's her sport of choice.

      And actually ... by female I meant a title girls get called, but ... I can live with what you three have given me. It'll certainly be amusing!

  4. The first time, I got Serendipity.

    Unit of time: a minute
    Food: macaroni and cheese
    Sound: Bam
    Military position: General
    Adjective: pusillanimous
    Female: Nancy Pelosi (sorry but she was the second person I thought of. The first was Renee Untermann)
    Object: a snowman
    Form of Punishment: being whipped

  5. I got Serendipity! Whoever she may be. XD (I'll get there, I'll get there!) I love her name, though. :D

    Unit of time: a second
    Food: chocolate cake
    Sound: a resounding crash
    Military position: colonel
    Adjective: frightened
    Female: lady
    Object: unicorn tapestry
    Form of Punishment: tied to a chair and locked in a closet

  6. Did not get over here yesterday, but hopefully I can still play! I got Robin as well, which I can see. :)

    Unit of time: many moons
    Food: avocado
    Sound: whistling wind
    Military position: colonel
    Adjective: chill
    Female: Ma'am
    Object: baby monitor
    Form of Punishment: time out

  7. Well, now, I seem to have broken the cycle--I got Rosamond!

    Ooh, a Mad Lib! Count me in:

    Unit of time: Millisecond
    Food: Pizza
    Sound: Tinkling bells
    Military position: The Very Model of a Modern Major-general
    Adjective: Squeaky
    Female: Lassie
    Object: Paperweight
    Form of Punishment: Iron Maiden

    Looking forward to seeing the results!
    God bless, and happy writing,

    1. You as Rosamond amuses me for some reason. Might be your username.

      And I might, at some point, go back and edit in your response. I need to organize some things first, but I love your answers.

  8. Erm, ignore my previous comment in this post. Didn't see this until time was already up. I'm such a dork. :-P



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