Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Interview with Robin

Greetings Robin, and welcome to Knitted By God's Plan! *Loud trumpet fanfare.*

No. Just, no, Kendra.

What? I was just trying to introduce you properly.

I think your readers all know me well enough by now. You've written, what, three books about me?

Well, yes, but you're my favorite character so far, in Bookania. I can't have a big release party without having you over over for tea.

You don't even like tea, Kendra.

Common misconception. I like tea when it doesn't taste good. There is a difference.

If you say so Kendra. Now, why did you drag me onto your blog today, because I'm quite certain that it wasn't so that you can pretend to like tea.

Eh, no, now that you mention it, there are things that I should like to discus with you. *Pulls out a list*

Please no.

First off, what is your opinion of this latest volume of the Bookania Quests.

Better than the first two, except for the fact that I only see my brother for ONE afternoon.

Sorry. I was dealing with a few time constraints, I wanted to have the two of you together longer, but it didn't happen. So you approve of the rest of your story.

*Shrug* As I said, it was better than the first two. You're learning how to make your stories fun, that's for certain, Kendra.

Why thank-you. Any particular thoughts, maybe on a certain Prince Arthur? I'm sure my readers would love to hear your opinions on him.

His swordsmanship could use some work, but I'm seeing to that. He's not bad for not having ever had a real sword before in his life, and he's had a good teacher. Absolutely smitten with Shira, though I'm not sure he's quite realized it himself.

And how about the other narrator of this lovely little story. What are your opinions on him?

You mean Eric? Uh ... he's my husband. I married him at the end of the last book. Do my opinions matter?

You're grumpy today.

And you're nosey. It's one thing when you're just writing the books, though it's bad enough, but pulling me out and making me answer questions ON your blog is quite another thing.

Well then, be that way. Guess you'd like me to return you to your book now?

Will you? Not that it was terribly exciting from where you pulled me. We were just wandering through woods.

*Zaps her back into the Book*
Eh, I guess she wasn't interested in being interviewed today. I'll have to try again later. That reminds me, on the 21st, I'll have all of my characters answering questions, so you can either ask them in the comments below, or you can check out the Goodread's group where you can ask the questions on the characters' specific threads. Currently, I only have two questions to ask, and one has technically been answered during Abbey's interview with Eric. 

While you're over at Goodreads, you can also vote on what Bookania's fandom should call itself, and speculate on what will happen in future books.

And on to the stops I'm making today. I only have two, but they should be good ones:

Author Blog of Jenelle Schmidt: Character Interview - Arthur - Where he divulges some facts about himself that even I didn't know about.
Shire Reviews: Book review: My Kingdom for a Quest. I actually have no idea what her review will be, but she gave the book 5 stars on Goodreads, so that's a hopeful sign!

And with the exception of The Ankulen, all of the books are still free, and My Kingdom for a Quest is still just 99 cents! Snag them up!


  1. Okay, now I'm curious: what did you not know about Arthur before the interview that you know now? :)


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