Monday, February 16, 2015

Title Reveal Bookania #4

Two noblemen, a king and a prince, hide behind a locked door to discus plans that they would rather not have others overhearing.
“Come now, consider my offer,” coaxes the king. “You are but the prince, your hands tied until your brother's death, and the man you fight calls himself the friend of the people. Not many of your soldiers are loyal enough to stand behind you against him.”
“Some are,” says the prince.
“Ah, but would you also incur the wrath of Winthrop and Locksley upon your head alone? Those meddlesome neighbors of ours call the man their friend as well.”
“They haven't bothered me so far.”
“Trust me, my friend, you cannot turn down my offer.”

I told ya'll that I'd be back today with the title reveal for book 4, and reveal it I shall. *Drumroll please ...*

Honor: A Quest In

And here it is! This book begins about a year and a half after the events of Kingdom and 3.5, and it will include:

- Eric and Robin Hood getting kidnapped
- Robin and Maid Marian having to rescue them
- Lots of Robin Hood lore
- A Sand Witch as a major character
- Queen Charlotte's sister being found
- An interesting twist on King Richard.
- Maryanne
- An interesting twist on Mary Poppins
- Your typical Bookanian fun

Unfortunately, I can't give you an expected release date, as it hasn't been written, and I need to get 3.5 and the big collection out first. I'm going to try to have it out by the end of next year, but I'm not sure I can make that promise. 

And ... for those of you who will be making connections and saying "Hey, isn't Rachel Rossano releasing a book of a similar title just next week. Yeah, she is, but ... I had my Honor's title first. I don't remember when, exactly, I settled on this volume's title, but I believe it actually predated Arthur's introduction into the series, so about three years ago.

But on to the stops I'll be making today.

Spiral-Bound: Guest Post - God in Fantasy - Where I share ways of incorporating God into a fantasy world
Author Blog of Morgan Huneke: Author Interview - Where I explain why Robert will no longer be a main character, unfortunately.
Dolls, Books, and Things that Matter: Author Interview - Where I divulge my entire life story. Or ... at least the parts associated with writing. 

And if you haven't picked them up yet, four of my books are currently free:

And ... for a limited time, and starting tomorrow, My Kingdom for a Quest is just 99 cents! Snag your copy now and enjoy the fun romp through the world of Bookania.

I thought I told it to start today, but apparently not, and its too late to change it now. But you can enjoy the lower price tomorrow!


  1. Nice title! And yay, the Sand Witches! I loved them. I can't wait to check out your guest post on Spiral-Bound... that's a topic I've been thinking about a lot recently.

    1. You'll get to learn a whole bunch about the Sand Witch society and talents. I'm really looking forward to writing about them!

  2. Oooooh, exciting!!!! I like the title. I think the part I'll be looking forward to the most is Eric and Robin Hood being kidnapped and Robin and Marian rescuing them. :D

    1. Eh ... well ... the whole kidnapping/rescuing is the main plot of the book, so I hope you'll like it. (Which is why I say it's going to be harder to write, because I'll have a Robin on the verge of a fall-apart on my hands.)

  3. Would I be right in assuming the title is a pun on "A Question of Honor"?

    Sounds intriguing! I'm especially curious to see what "interesting twist" you put on King Richard, and how you're going to work in Mary Poppins.
    The Sand Witches! Oh wow....
    And yay! (or rather, Hurrah!) we finally get to meet Maryanne! ...once the book is written, of course.

    God bless, and happy writing,

    1. That would be correct! (I had also tried "A Quest in Honor" but I like the present arrangement better.

      And yes, Maryanne is going to get into the book at long last! She's very happy with me. And the twist on Mary Poppins is brilliant, just sayin'

  4. Now this is what I have been waiting for. This book (though it's a bit of a ways away!) not this post. Robin Hood and Eric getting kidnapped and being rescued by their WIVES!!! Maryanne! Charlene!


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