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Character Interview: Tomas Dyrease

Today, I'm here with another character interview for a book that also released this month. Honor by Rachel Rossano, which shares a title with the fourth book of my Bookania Quests (why are these authors doing this to me, I ask. Grin.)

It's a great book, and I'll be posting my review on the O.Scarlett blog later today, and you can read my review for the first book here. I will say that I preferred the romance of Duty, but Honor has a tighter, easier to follow plot.

The character I'm interviewing was the hero of Duty, though he fills a very important side role here in Honor. Let's welcome Tomas Dyrease, Earl of Irvaine!

1. Can you give me a summary of what has happened between Duty and Honor?

Brielle and my daughter, Linora was still a wee one when we last saw the readers of Duty. In the epilogue, I had just brought our adopted son, Lander Briaren, home. Since then the boys, my son from a previous marriage and Lander, have become like brothers. Getting into trouble, arguing, and just running about, they do everything together. Brielle and I enjoy our little family, which is about to expand again. We are expecting the new arrival very soon.

Politically, Rhynan has been a fractious place. When King Mendal took the throne after the civil war, we hoped for a period of peace. There have been some significant improvements, but Mendal is growing fretful. Dentin spends all of his time tracking down every rumor of possible insurrection. Lately there have been murmurings that I am gathering support for a rebellion. Thankfully Dentin knows them for what they are, lies.

2. How would you describe your friend, Lord Dentin?

I would consider him my best friend. He is loyal and honorable in all of his dealings. Some find him difficult, especially those who frequent the court. Dentin’s manner tends to be direct. He doesn’t tolerate those who try to manipulate him, which is probably why the women folk don’t like him much. Though, Brielle earned his respect somehow. He treats her differently than other women. I have noted that he tempers his bluntness around her. He also tends to be tenacious and stubborn, but I have never known him not to listen. I can usually reason with him even when we are opposed.

3. What is your role in this story?

The king wants custody of my adopted son as a way to control me. Dentin shows up at a wedding we are attending to take our son. Thankfully his conscience is torn between the oath he has given to the king and our friendship. He has long been struggling with the duties King Mendal required of him of late. I suspect his differences with the king are going to come to a sticking place soon. Mendal will find himself ill-equipped if he sets himself to oppose Dentin.

Besides being in the center of the controversy that begins the book, my role in Honor is largely as a friend to both Dentin and Elsa. I supply my skills as a verbal sparring partner and confidant. Also, I offer significant support in the form of men-at-arms. The rest of the time I am consumed with the very special duty of supporting my wife and tending to my family. We have a new baby coming after all.

4. About the heroine, Elsa, how good is she at "letting go"? (Sorry, I just had to throw in a Frozen reference!)

Ha, ha! Elsa is actually quite good at letting go of the things she should. She has forgiven her brother for far more than I think I would’ve been able to manage. He is a sad figure of a man. What she isn’t willing to let go are the things that are most important in life: faith, family, friendship, and hope. Knowing when to stand firm and when to give way is a valuable quality in any person.

5. Okay, serious now. How would you describe her role in the story?

From the beginning, she doesn’t let Dentin get away with trying to intimidate her into doing what he wants. She makes him treat her as an equal. Few men have the gumption to match him glare for glare.
On the other hand, she gives him the benefit of the doubt. Most people are not willing to look for the man behind the fearsome reputation.

Also, she needs help. Her brother has her in a mess far bigger than she can manage on her own. If she will just let Dentin assist her, he will do what he does best.


And that's it, folks! This is probably my last post of the month, as I need to focus on editing part 1 of Water Princess, Fire Prince and figuring out the middle of its sequel. I love the beginning, and I know exactly how it ends ... but I'm sitting at about 15,000 words (if that) and I'm not sure how I'm going to get it to measure up to WPFP's 136,000. My current plan is to coax 90,000 out of the story (by WPFP's publication , if I can ... but I don't know if I can do it. Sigh, I love this story. It's an important chapter of the world's history. It's the book that taught me how to write. I just need to figure out how to do it justice.

But while I'm trying to sort out my mess, you guys can sign up to beta read part one of WPFP here.

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