Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cover Reveal - Wildcats of Braeton

Today, I'm here to share with you the cover of a friend's new book, The Wildcats of Braeton by Claire Banschbach. She and I have only been chatting a little while, but I've been working on reading her first book, and so far, I'm really enjoying it.

About the Author:
Claire Banschbach was born and raised in Midland, TX, the fourth of eight children. She was homeschooled through high school and is now a proud member of the Texas A&M University class of 2014. An avid reader of Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and many other adventure novels, Claire was prompted to begin writing her own fantasy novel at seventeen after several years of daydreaming. She continues to write in her spare time (and often when she doesn’t have spare time). When not scratching out stories and homework with pen and pencil, Claire partakes in the joys of watching the Boston Red Sox, Aggie football, playing volleyball, and horseback riding. She hopes her faith and strong foundation in God will continue to help guide her writing. She is currently working on her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center. 

And now for the cover:

Gorgeous, ain't it? I'm really looking forward to read it. Oh, and here's the description:

About the book:
If you’re fighting our battle, we’d best make you look like a champion,” Tam said to Aiden. Tam and Blair began to apply the war paint the Clans had worn into battle since before they arrived in Braeton.
You ready?” Tam asked when they finished.
As I’ll ever be,” Aiden replied. “Tam, if everything goes wrong, you take charge after me.”
I’m praying nothing goes wrong,” Tam said. “Just remember what Diarmad said when he built this place: ‘In times of trouble, a Champion shall rise up and Scodra shall not fall.’”

His term of service to Lord Rishdah now complete, Aiden returns to his home in Braeton. As he travels he hears rumors that trouble plagues Braeton. Clan Canich is being attacked from within. He arrives, determined to save his father, his brothers, and his Clan from the treachery of one man.
A year has passed since the Calorins were driven from Aredor and Corin is struggling to rebuild his country. Despite the peace, a fear haunts him that the Calorins aren’t far away. The Hawk Flight takes to the forest again to defend the borders against a possible attack from the neighboring country of Durna and its Calorin ally.
As Aiden and Corin struggle to adapt to their new lives they know one thing for certain - war is coming to the North!


On another note, I'll have my final post for my blog tour up this afternoon, giving you guys a bit longer to submit questions. At the moment I only have three, and that's only for four of the characters. I was hoping that someone other than Robin, Eric, Robert, and Rosamond would be questioned. You can ask me your questions in an email, here on this post, or you can go over to my goodreads group and ask over there. Ask whatever you want - even if I've already answered the question somewhere else, as long as it isn't a flat-out spoiler, I don't mind having my characters answer again.


  1. Thank you for taking the time out from your tour to be part of the cover reveal!! Hope you enjoy the first book!

  2. Beautiful cover!
    ...I had a question for one of your characters... It came to me when I was half-awake last night... and, of course, I don't remember it now that I'm fully awake. It was a really good question, too. *slinks away, embarrassed*


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